Collaborative Working Groups

FACT: Many high school students are excited about learning a concept/skill or pursuing a career that isn't directly covered in the formal curriculum;

FACT: Entrepreneurship is not an element of the formal high school curriculum;

FACT: There is widespread concern that a lack of business knowledge, creativity, and critical thinking will inhibit the Class of 2012's ability to innovate and create economic opportunity in the future.

THEREFORE: Students have been invited to create Collaborative Working Groups that enable them to convert their passions into entrepreneurial learning opportunities and (possibly) marketable ventures by: 1)identifying what they want to do; 2)learning how they can apply this immediately to others' benefit in preparing for the 2012 AP Literature & Composition exam; and 3)receiving instruction on elements of entrepreneurship and marketing/building awareness through social media.

EXAMPLE: A student who wants to develop video games professionally creates an embeddable, interactive memory game to help with AP literary terms. Other students in the network download the game and raise the author's visibility/value in the network. As she gains recognition, the author learns how to create a business around the idea. Whether or not she actually launches a start-up or becomes an independent designer, she will learn the economics and strategies of entrepreneurship in the Information Age.

NOTE: Participation in CWGs is optional. CWGs will meet on Tuesdays at lunch beginning February 28.

Here are the groups that are developing ideas, products and/or services to add value to the network. Names are in the order of the papers I read. If you see your name repeated it's because you or someone else appointed you to more than one CWG. Here and there I included a quote or a paraphrase from your comments. If you see any errors or omissions please let me know. You have great ideas and this is going to be quite a ride.

***UPDATE 3/22***
Collaborative Working Groups are still forming/reforming/shedding members (there is only one chef!). I have kept the initial lists below, but if you have an idea or want to know who's doing what presently, come see me. DP

Alaysia Navarro (logos that represent what we're doing)

Patrick Fraire (drawings/graffiti to illustrate our learning process/culture)
Mari Kagawa ("for any blog, advertisement or anything else, visual appeal comes before context")
Carlos Cruz (drawings & paintings for AP Lit)
Jojo Relyea (access to & experience with graphic design software)
Briana Stinn
Yun Joo Lee (help designing blogs, posters)
Betzy Bras

Lizzie Level ("Helpful Bloggers Group")
Kaley Jorgensen ("Helpful Bloggers Group")
Katie Enstad ("Helpful Bloggers Group")
Shannon Murray
Jon Hoffman
Chelsey Soriano
Jacob Vargas (advertising)
Trevor Hudgins

CHEFS ("Food for Thought"-- creating recipes & nutritional plans for peak performance)
Nicole Anderson
Krissy Frias
Katie Enstad
Brynn Greenelsh
Lizzie Level
Kaley Jorgensen
Max Kuhlman
Mariah Cooks
Nathan Seidenberg
Hunter Walker
Drew King (baker)
Darin Topham (baker)
Patrick Sims
Shannon Murray
Matt Giddings
Briana Derr
Sarah Rayburn (research recipes "better for your mind and body")
Jacob Vargas (food/quote of the day; brain/body nutrition; what to avoid)
Kari Griego
Hannah Hosking
Mitchell Edmonson
Adriana Zamudio
Nathan Sanchez
Enrique Rico (test prep foods from different cultures)
Jessica Manriquez
Rebecca Patterson (recipe videos: "You are what you eat!")
Jon Hoffman

COMMUNITY SERVICE (online organizer)
Adriana Zamudio
Shannon Fahey
Chelsea Stevenson

CULTURE/MEDIA STUDIES (remix/mash-up/connecting lit with mod music/media)
Daniel Gonzalez
Taryn Kawahara
Paola Trujillo
Cody Kiniry
Nicole Montoya
Savanah Lyon
Miranda Perez
Marie Alvarado
Rachel Bumstead (connections between events/journalisms/motivations for writing)
Adriana Zamudio
Nathan Sanchez
Alaysia Navarro

EL MOVIMIENTO (Connecting with individuals to co-promote environmental causes)
Tyler Stewart
Cambria Leach
Dannielle Edwards
Gilbert Carpinterio

Trey Jensen
Sam Moon
Carson Dacus

Trey Jensen
Sam Moon
Carson Dacus

Stephanie Owens (logo) [not sure I read this right, Stephanie, let me know.]

Tatiana Alvarez (younger learners)
Nancy Rubio (younger learners)
Arianna Farmer (AP peers in SD/Mexico)
Laura Wong (AP peers)
Cayla Salazar
Kayla McCallie
Miranda Perez
Marie Alvarado
Lupita Perez (tutoring group at Guadalupe Elementar; English tutoring)
Edith Gonzalez (elementary learners at alma mater)
Nicole Montoya
Emily Martinez (younger; make learning fun for elementary students)
Kelly Brickey (elementary learners)
Chelsey Soriano (elementary)
Dania Hatamleh
Kari Griego
Hannah Hosking
Cody Kiniry
Yun Joo Lee (younger learners; drawing, painting)
Annais Acosta
Jessica Parra
Jessica Manriquez
Ryan McGinley (K-8; prep for teaching credential)
Alex McKinney

Trevor Hudgins (maps: AP course; CWG network; others as they arise)

Jolissa Jiles ( AP songs)

NOT SO COMMON SENSE (AP curriculum plus real-world life skills--and fashion!)
Nicole Montoya
Candace Rickman

Jessica Catron
Nathan Sanchez

Trevor Hudgins
Annais Acosta
Betzy Bras (ask questions openly; analyze our own thoughts)
Alex McKinney (encourage free thought)
Jon Hoffman

TROUBADOR 2.0 (understanding poetry through hands-on practice and study)
Trenton Class ("singer, songwriter, poetic commune")

Isaac De La Cruz
Nick Lycan
Cody Kiniry
Ryan McGinley

Noe Bernal (parodies/sketches from class)
A.J. Franklin
Ryan Cecil
Chad Foster
Gary Case (parodies, books)
Matt Sagisi (parodies)
Salvador Ramos (vids to help viewers understand lit)
Marissa Tajalle
Kelli Carrillo (humor/satire/tutorials/interviews with fictional characters; weekly)
Briana Derr (lit terms/characters/satire)
Stephanie Owens (tag links to AP, channel, music)
Mitchell Edmonson
Adriana Zamudio
Alaysia Navarro
Jolissa Jiles
Annais Acosta
Jessica Parra
Rebecca Patterson
Marisol Zepeda