Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 15

JOURNAL TOPIC: ["Sign on the Line" by A.J. Croce; "Promises in the Dark" by Pat Benatar; "Tantra Cafe" by Aakarshan]

What does commitment mean to you? Is it merely talking a good game or is action required? I'm wondering, to be blunt, because I just graded last night's HW (at least what you posted) and it's clear that some of your peers have made commitments-- to themselves, to this course, and to you-- that they are unable or unwilling to keep. What is the impact of this on our learning community, and how do you suggest helping/dealing with/punishing those who don't take their commitments as seriously as you do?

1. Journal/collect hard copies of HW
2. Great Expectations lecture (part II)

1. Review your notes (and/or study with a partner) to prepare for micro-AP tomorrow and Friday

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