Thursday, February 23, 2012

Kudos: February (II)

Congratulations to the following students on their college acceptances and scholarship wins!

Edith Gonzalez (CSULA)
Candace Rickman (Cal Poly SLO)
Sarah Rayburn (Colorado State University)
Jessica Manriquez (San Jose State)
Nicole Montoya (University of Hawaii)
Rebecca Patterson (UC Riverside, CSUN)
Dania Hatamleh (Cal Poly SLO)
Jon Hoffman (Cal Poly SLO)
Kristen Frias (Cal Poly SLO)
Kaley Jorgensen (Cal Poly SLO)
Jojo Relyea (Cal Poly SLO, Sonoma State)
Betzy Bras (Cal Poly SLO)
Paola Trujillo (San Jose State)
Marisol Zepeda (San Jose State)
Tatiana Alvarez (San Jose State)
Nancy Rubio (San Jose State)

If I've missed anyone, or if you've done something amazing since I posted this, please let me/us know in class.