Wednesday, April 18, 2012

April 19

JOURNAL TOPIC: [No tunes today, although if you can think of something to hum--and you can write on this topic at the same time--knock yourselves out.]

Consider the following quote and answer two questions: 1) What was Macbeth's attachment/cause? 2) What is yours?

“Are we not all of us fanatics? I say only what you of the U.S.A. pretend you do not know. Attachments are of great seriousness. Choose your attachments carefully. Choose your temple of fanaticism with great care. What you wish to sing of as tragic love is an attachment not carefully chosen. Die for one person? This is a craziness. Persons change, leave, die, become ill. They leave, lie, go mad, have sickness, betray you, die. Your nation outlives you. A cause outlives you.”
― David Foster Wallace, Infinite Jest

1. Journal
2. Prepare for Friday's lit terms test
3. Do whatever else you need to do to recover/excel in this course before the end of the week/grading period

HW: (see #2 and #3 above)

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