Sunday, April 22, 2012

a formal notice regarding your grade

I held off posting grades until tomorrow (the absolute latest administrative deadline) because last week many of you were in science camp etc. and told me you needed the weekend to catch up.  The grace period ends tonight.  If your assignments-- including the "tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow" soliloquy-- are not posted to your blog by midnight they will not count.  As we have discussed multiple times in class, I have been extremely flexible this year.  'Nuff said.  Late credit will not be considered.


  1. Do we just post a video of us saying the soliloquy to our blog?

  2. I tried uploading the video from my phone but it won't let me, can I show it to you tomorrow?

  3. I tried uploading it from my phone and it would go onto the computer. Then I tried multiple times to get it from my iPod to the computer. When that failed as well I used the webcam on my computer to record the recording of me saying it. When I tried to post that to YouTube to then embed to my blog, it said that it had never uploaded to YouTube. I have it on both my phone and my iPod. I will have both in class tomorrow. If you want to see it, let me know.