Tuesday, May 22, 2012

May 22

This week the topic is you. When you began this course of study you became the heroic protagonist of your own story, and now the story is what you're doing. Tell it.  Specifically, for today, why exactly are you doing the project you're doing?  Is it personally meaningful?  Are you doing it for career reasons, for relationship reasons, for personal reasons, or just because you are still a high school student being told what to do?

[9:30-10:30 online conference with Howard Rheingold & Roy Christopher]
1. Journal
2. Group/individual project work

1. Post the following information to your blog:
  • What you've done so far;
  • What you still need to accomplish in the two weeks we have left;
  • How your work will benefit you and others.
  • PLEASE NOTE: failure to post will result in a status meeting Wednesday in class to determine whether you are capable of controlling your own destiny.


  1. To date I have started working on my senior speech, and I have a tone of ideas for the college blog I want to do. I haven't actually made the blog for UCSD yet but I know everything that I want it to have on it before summer starts.
    By June 7th, I need to of course have my speech finished and presented (are we gonna get a chance to present those? I really hope so...). I also need to have my college blog up and ready to go so that I can start posting my experiences come October.
    By writing my senior speech I hope to allow people to understand what I got out of high school and how it influenced me and shaped me into the person I am today. By creating the blog I hope to help the incoming seniors have an insight into college life and help them prepare for what's coming next.

  2. 1) My group and I have pretty much finished our planning. We have already talked to Mrs. Nylander and set up our class take over, for this Thursday and Friday. So the only thing we have to do is put our imagination to work!
    2) In the next two weeks we just need to teach the Junior class about the entire senior year.
    3) Our work will greatly influence the junior class. Our work will better help them prepare for all of the senior year activities. This will make me feel good about myself because I will be able to give the juniors a big advantage.