Sunday, May 6, 2012

teach your peers

Lots of people online finishing the HW. Extra credit for anyone who comments to this post with a helpful tip/strategy they discovered while answering multiple choice and/or essay questions. Time limit: 1 hour from post time.


  1. My strategy is to read through the question and if I can't answer it within ten seconds, I put a little mark by the number so that I know to go back and look at it again. It's better to go through the whole entire test answering what you know as oppose to not even getting a chance to see the questions. It's not a very creative strategy, but it works for me! Hope this helps!

  2. I found it helpful to read the questions first then read the passage so I knew what to look for while I read saving me from having to reread the passages multiple time

  3. A tip I learned for writing te essays is to break the prompt down. In your prewrite, if you write down exactly what questions try want you to answer, wih a brief explanation as to what your answer is goin to be, it helps you not get off topic and stay focused on the prompt.