Friday, April 27, 2012


The concept is more palatable when you consider: a)you are in charge of it, and b)it's to your benefit. Self-organized study builds willpower. When discipline helps you achieve your goal and claim your due-- a 5 on the AP exam or an "A" on the final, for example--your brain forges connections that reinforce your strengths. Take advantage of all the resources you can: all of those literature reviews that talk about the different books in all those essay prompts, all those sample questions (and more to come) on the Exam Practice & Reference page. Dig deep. Remember this weekend that some of the lessons you're learning to prepare for your AP exams go far beyond high school. This goes not only for your habits of mind but your habits online. Don't forget what you've learned about filter bubbles, passwords and privacy. Some of your colleagues' email accounts and blogs have been compromised this year; remember to change passwords frequently and ignore/delete/mark as Spam any unsolicited or undesired messages. Have a good weekend; I look forward to discussing the Macbeth essays and learning about the progress you're making in exam prep.

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