Wednesday, October 19, 2011

October 19

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Right Place Wrong Time" by Dr. John; "Wrong 'Em Boyo" by The Clash; "So Wrong" by Patsy Cline]

Why does Hamlet kill Polonius? How does Hamlet feel about it? How do the King and Queen react? Did you see this coming?

1. Journal
2. Hamlet: Act IV

1. Watch Eli Pariser's TED talk on "Filter Bubbles"
2. Post a comment to the "Filter Bubble" post in which you respond to the video by answering these questions: a)What new information did you learn from the video? b)How does this information make you think differently about what you see online? c)What questions does this video raise about the Internet in general? and d)How can you improve the effectiveness of your searches?
3. Post to your blog under the heading "In Search Of." Summarize your experience of watching the video (you can cut/paste your answers to #2) and describe how you re-did the Shakespeare search with the filter ideas in mind (this means you have to re-do the search and think critically about how filters influence results).

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