Saturday, October 29, 2011

Wednesday's Event

If you haven't already, please download/print the on-campus activity form for our video conference on Wednesday. Please be sure to get it signed, and bring it to class Monday or Tuesday.

If you haven't already been to Roy Christopher's site please have a look; of special importance are his ideas about Digital Natives and the way your generation is using technology to tell stories and think in different ways. Imagine if Hamlet expressed himself through transmedia remixes and mash-ups; how would this change his "performative utterances" and "self-overhearing"? How would he and his circumstances have been different? If some of these terms are new or unfamiliar don't worry, we'll be discussing them on Monday. In the meantime, consider the following monster mash-up (can you spot the allusion to Macbeth?) produced by Cody Kiniry, Savannah Lyon & Nicole Montoya.

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  1. Not going to lie, but I was cracking up when i saw the video. Pretty funny stuff=)

  2. Ain't it though? Since your handle is incognito please don't forget to tell us who's talking. Thanks!

  3. sorry it was Lupe Perez.

  4. Thanks for posting this, Dr. Preston.

    Looking forward to it!

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  6. Hi Roy,
    Thanks for joining us! Just read Drawing Lines in Time: The Advent Horizon & the Cocteau quotes really struck me.

    Ditto re: Snow Crash. And for anyone who hasn't joined Cody in a tour of, please remember to have a look around. (For those with motive/opportunity here's another man-in-screeniverse reading recommendation: READY PLAYER ONE by Ernest Cline.)

  7. Thanks so much, Dr. Preston, and all of you who were there. I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion and hope to continue: plenty of trajectories to follow up on.

    I hate to be a hater here, but I tried READY PLAYER ONE, and just couldn't get into it.I wanted to like it so badly, and I should (the allusions to 1980s cultural detritus are not lost on me). For a similar in-screen read (more of an augmented-reality view though), I recommend Daniel Suarez's DAEMON and the sequel FREEDOM. It's hard to beat NEUROMANCER, SNOW CRASH, and THE DIAMOND AGE though.

    Thanks again, everyone. Be in touch and such.

  8. Looking forward to reading Suarez, and I agree that RPO is no Snow Crash. RPO was to literature what movie theater snacks are to food: plenty of fun to consume but not much substance. (I loved it because I needed a fun escape read at the time and it brought back some geeky memories.) SC was a gourmet feast that entertained (what's not to love about high-speed pizza delivery and a big gun called Reason?) with plenty of intellectual roughage that intertwined disciplines such as history, biology, philosophy/religion and technology. Stephenson is so brilliant that he can pack characterization, plot and a library of tasty ideas into something as seemingly simple as a Foreword (see David Foster Wallace's "Everything & More: A Compact History of Infinity").