Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7

JOURNAL TOPIC: ["Save it for Later" by The English Beat; "Waiting for a Miracle" by Leonard Cohen; "If Not Now..." by Tracy Chapman]

This morning I talked with Ms. Dirkes about procrastination and I learned a great deal. Part one of this morning's journal is traditional-- please meditate on the nature of procrastination. Ask yourself when it helps you, when it hurts you, and how you can be aware of it and manage it so that it doesn't feel like a(nother) overwhelming force in your life that you can't control.

Part two should be written on a separate piece of paper so that I can read it today (don't want to procrastinate on a procrastination!). Please describe your process for preparing for next year. This may include college applications/deadlines, job searches, travel etc. After reading this document I should come away with a clear understanding of: a) how you plan to use the year, b) what you are currently doing to prepare, and c) how you intend to meet deadlines (include descriptions of what you have to do and the resources/planning you'll need to execute your plan).

1. Journal/turn in Part two
2. Embedding a video in your blog
3. Vocabulary #11
4. Writer's conferences

1. Make sure your blog is on our course blog's roll
2. Describe one major concept you've learned in this class by writing a paragraph and posting it to your blog with a video that illustrates the point (due by the beginning of class tomorrow/Tuesday, 11/8)


  1. Whenever I embed the code to my blog, it only turns up as a text on the post and not a video. Iput all the correct settings and followed the instructions too. Help, please?

    -Kelly Brickey, Period 3

  2. Hey, DP. I didnt see my blog on the on the list so here it is ""

    Lets get a TA or someone on this, I want to be with the cool kids

  3. I agree with Kelly. I can't seem to put up a video with my post. I have followed the instructions from class today, but doesn't seem to work?

    Jessica Manriquez; Per. 6

  4. Got it fixed! If you need help, Ian May commented and posted on FB different ways to post the videos.

  5. Thanks Ian; to those of you who are still wrestling, one tip is to make sure that when you create the New Post that the "edit html" tab is selected and not the "compose" tab.

  6. Preston, I didn't see my blog on the blog list do here's my URL again:

    Marie Alvarado

  7. Thanks Dr. Preston! That's exactly what was wrong with mine. I had the same problems as Kelly and Cody.

  8. My blog doesn't appear to be on the right side, Dr. Preston.

  9. I still can’t post things to my blog… So I’m just going to post the homework here:

    One major thing I’ve learned in this class is the importance to efficient note taking. A perfect example of this would be the notes from “The Cadbury Tales.” I have never been very good at taking good notes, but I really tried with this assignment. Mind you, that my final product was beautiful. It was a 4 page masterpiece of highlighted terms and underlined ideas… The only problem was that I got SO caught up in footnotes and vocabulary and so forth that I never found time to write about the actual plot of the story… I had it in mind that Dr.Preston’s quiz had to be much more involved than a simple test of the plot… Of course my notes only helped me through about half of the quiz. My downfall was the easiest part of the quiz… What happened?

    (Explanation of the video: From “The Phantom of the Opera” the song “Notes.” I chose this video because it shows that there could be multiple ideas of what’s important, and without one idea, the main point can be fuzzy. You need ALL parts [terms, characters, plot, ect.] to understand what happened to the fullest extent.)

    Jessica Catron 4th period

  10. My blog isn't in the list, so here's my URL:

    Also, thanks for making it so that the links open in a new window, it's helpful


    Didn't see my blog on your list.

  12. I can't figure out how to be on that blog roll list. Help?