Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Our Talk With Roy Christopher

HERE is the link to our video conference with Roy Christopher. Thanks to each of you for making this such a great experience!


  1. That is very "high tech" as the kids might say. I want to hear more about this role playing idea, that sounds interesting.

  2. I feel very fortunate that I was there to experience this. I wrote in my notes from today, "What we are doing now may seem small, but we are a part of something so much bigger than we think..."

    Also, Roy Chistopher commented that using technology is like mowing your lawn or exercising, some people will and some people won't. He said that WE choose the intake that we experience with technology. Christopher mentioned that he hasn't had a car for a while and rides bikes everywhere because he chooses that. When I heard all of these things I couldn't help but think that wasn't a fair argument. If I could I would love to choose that lifestyle and one without so much technology. Like him, I have no desire to get a smart phone or anything else like that, but a lot of things these days REQUIRE you to be well adapted to new technology. If you don't keep up with the changes you are left in the dust. I just thought about it, and I'm sure I'm not seeing the bigger picture here, but I'm just sharing what I thought.

    I loved the talk, it was really rewarding and interesting. I am very excited about what we have coming up. I would love to do the penpal thing, so if you hear anymore about that......

  3. OH MY GOSH, also, when we were having the conference someone (I don't remember who) said something about "the man in the TV is now watching us." I'm pretty sure you said that Preston, but I'm not sure. Right when you said that I thought of 1984 and it tripped me out... Just wanted to share that with you too....

  4. Just wanted to say I thought it was really generous for them to take the time out of their lives to do this and really grateful I'm in the type of class where this is possible.


  5. I'd just like to say that i agree with Jojo and am very happy that i was able to be part of the great experience we had today in class. I am thankful that Roy Christopher and Ted Newcomb took time out of their lives to speak with our class, who is trying to use 2.0 technology to better our lives and those of others.
    And most of all,thank you Dr.Preston for making us your priority.

    -Marie Alvarado

  6. Thanks for your comments-- and Marie, you're welcome and it is truly my pleasure. I've heard from the "men and women in the TV" too and they were equally energized by seeing and hearing from us. I came away from the experience with two main impressions: 1)This is one powerful way of extending our educational opportunity; and 2)The more value we contribute to a community (whether online or in real life), the more the community will respect, trust and encourage us. As I reflect on Wednesday's talk-- and all the work students are doing this year, both online and offline-- I am very, very proud of you all.