Friday, January 13, 2012

AP Practice Exam #1: The Open Question

The AP English Literature & Composition Exam includes three types of essays: 1) Response to Poetry, 2) Response to Prose, and 3) The Open Literature Question. The Open Literature Question is designed to choose a piece of literature they've already read (Hello, Literature Analysis database!) and discuss it as it relates to the prompt. Please read the following prompt and give yourself 40 minutes to write the best essay of your life. Bring the hard copy to class on Tuesday, January 17.

"By their deeds shall ye know them." We often judge people by what they do; therefore, we consider people who commit cruel or reprehensible acts corrupt, base or amoral. In literature, however, authors often introduce us to characters whom we learn to like or even respect, despite their deeds.

Write an essay about one such character for whom you developed admiration or compassion. Briefly explain why you felt his or her behavior to be condemnable or contemptible, and how the author's techniques influenced you to admire that person. Do not summarize the plot. (40 minutes)

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