Monday, January 9, 2012

Guest Speaker: Dale J. Stephens

Good news! On short notice I've scheduled a video conference (similar to what we did with Roy Christopher in November) with Dale J. Stephens. Dale is a Peter Thiel fellow and the founder of uncollege.

The video conference will be held at 9:30 on Wednesday morning, so please print/tweak the following form to reflect Period 2 on Wednesday, January 11, 2012. I won't be able to scan/upload a blank form until tomorrow night, so please print this one and get your Period 2 teacher to sign it tomorrow (Tuesday). Please also apologize to your teacher for me; if I didn't think this was an important conversation I wouldn't risk fouling up everyone's schedule on the second day of the semester.

Thanks and see you tomorrow.

on campus activity form 02nov2011 -

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  1. So just to be totally clear, the class we will be missing on Wednesday will be our second period. Not our third and fourth, yes?