Saturday, January 21, 2012

Expanding the network

Here are some of the ways we discussed reaching out. Please comment to this post with the strategies you intend to start with this weekend.  I've tried to hit the major points without making this list too long, so if you have an idea you don't see here please include it in your comment.

  • Commenting to high-traffic sites and blogs with links to your blog and/or course blog
  • Creating a public/event/fan page on Facebook
  • Creating a youtube video that explains what we're doing
  • Social engineering (reaching out to friends, family and contacts the old-fashioned way)
  • Finding other AP classes and emailing teachers/students
  • Researching organizations and school districts that could help connect us with students in need
  • Linking all of our blogs to provide easy access throughout the network


  1. My three steps to promoting my blog include:
    a) promoting my blog url on Facebook throughout my group of friends and among the groups I affiliate with on the site
    b) telling people who are interested in the concept or enrolled in an AP English class via text or word of mouth to check it out
    c) finding AP related blogs or sites and commenting to them with the blog url

    If I find another resource in which I can promote my blog, I will definitely take full opportunity and comment to this post as another suggestion.

    Kelly Brickey, Period 3

  2. I think Kelly has really good ideas!

    These are my 3 steps to promoting my blog:
    1. (I'm sure everyone is doing this) I will create a FB group specially for AP English students.
    2. Contacting teachers or schools via email to see if they would be interested in working with us.
    3. For the youtube idea, I think we can make something really interesting out of it. All of the people in film could get together and creatively post something that will attract people.

    I am open to new ideas as well.

    Kaley Jorgensen
    P. 2

  3. I want to start off by making posters and putting them up in schools or public libraries and then start a fb page describing the motive of our blogs.

  4. I have taken a few steps towards getting my blogg out their and so far I have been successful. I searched fire blogs similar to ours and then commented on them saying that I would love for them to join my blogg and become a part of the collaborative working group we have. I also have spread the word to friends at other schools to try and join.

  5. I've decided to take a more soviet approach. Step 1) I will rent out a plane or blimp (preferably a blimp) and drop fliers with my url address on them from the sky. I will start with righetti then slowly drift the town. Step 2) hire secret ''inceptionists'' so to speak, and have them sit in popular cyber coffee shops around SLO and have them discreetly drop the idea of my blog in their heads. The cyber junkies won't be able to resist! Step 3) sit back and watch the flood of followers roll in.

    ....ok, now in all seriousness.
    Facebook! obviously it is a great place to alert people to your current projects. From there I have a friend who's dad is a huge blogger. I will contact him and ask him to put my url on his and ask people to check it out.

    1. Cool, because I wasn't about to stick up for you with FAA or Homeland Security (and whoever cites litter bugs).

  6. If we print out a large amount of the QR Tags (As seen on Dr. Preston's door) and paste them all around the town/city for advertising purposes. With the amount of people that have smart phones today, there are bound to be a few hits on the website with this strategy. Also, if some of us happen to venture out of Santa Maria, we can bring the QR tags with us and post them in that area, as well. If we do this, then we are not only getting Santa Maria residents, but a variety of people.

    Alex McKinney

    1. Easy: go to and enter the URL

  7. I've already begun posting my link on various Facebook pages and groups I am part of. i will begin to go to other blogs/websites and post my link there. I feel that taking an online or technology based approach would be best/easiest because we are advertising something that's online. I have already gotten a few followers from outside of CA. Hopefully word will continue to spread.

  8. 1. Make a welcome bar on my site.
    2. Various other tweaks to make it more inviting
    3. Advertise it on FB etc.

  9. 1. Make sections and a welcome on my site
    2. Change it to a different layout
    3. Work on summary of what we are doing to promote site

  10. I will be improving my blog by:
    1. Adding a welcome bar
    2. Putting in a tab that organizes my blog
    3. Adding a tab that explains our project and our class

  11. 1) I will promote my blog on social networks like twitter and Facebook.
    2) I will comment on other blogs that are doing similar AP tasks and explain what we are doing and ask them to join us.
    3) comment on High traffic blogs and explain what we are doing.

    Max Kuhlman
    Period 2

  12. 1) Reaching out to family out of California.
    2)Posting a page/post on Facebook.
    3)Tweaking my blog to make it more attractive and adding an intro to explein what's on the blog.
    Lupita Perez Per.3

  13. 1. I will start of by making my blog more friendly and neat, by making a table of contents.
    2. Promote my site by using facebook, twitter and youtube
    3. Find other AP Eng blogs or sites and leave comments telling them to join my blog.

    Patrick Sims P.3

  14. I had already planned on commenting on some major YouTube videos (spam it up!), especially ones that I know some of my AP friends, in our class or not, like to watch. I also plan on somehow making my personal blog a litle more interesting/less confusing....
    Then, while actually misspelling my personal blog name, and having to Google for it, I found another English blog that is about different AP books, such as Pride & Prejudice... All lead by students. Maybe we can see what they're doing, and see if we wanted to collaborate!

    Jessica Catron; 4 period

  15. 1. First of all, I would make an overall introduction to my blog and what I am doing so that people who are interested can participate in the process.

    2. Then I would promote my blog on social networking sites especially FACEBOOK!

    3. Then I would search for different AP Blogs out there and leave comments to them to join and check my blog out...

    Samuel Moon
    Period 6

  16. I plan on….
    1. using facebook to encourage other AP English students to follow my blog
    2. post a link to my blog on pinterest under the education section
    3. look into contacting other high schools and encourage them to follow our blogs to help prepare for the AP test

    Arianna Farmer
    Period 2

  17. 1) Use social networking sites to promote my blog.
    2) Add a welcome bar
    3) Make my blog more user friendly by cleaning it up and organizing it.

    Nathan Seidenberg

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  19. 1. Use Facebook to promote my blog.
    2. Reach out to other friends or family who would be interested.
    3. Commenting on high traffic blogs that relate to my blog and post my link to it as well as asking them to follow.

    Marisol Zepeda
    Pd. 6

  20. 1. Facebook
    2. Encourage teachers to join Blog spot, and invite them.
    3. Attempt to add a welcome bar.

  21. I plan on taking a couple steps so that I can get my blog out there to the people that need it. I already talked to some of my friends from from other schools who plan on taking the AP test and they seemed very interested in the blog. I also plan on commenting to high-traffic sites. With many people looking at those sites I think that gives me a pretty good chance at finding people who are interested. Another method I will use is a public page on Facebook and I think that will be effective.

    Hunter Walker
    Period 3

  22. The three steps that I am going to take this weekend are to:
    1. Promote it on facebook again but to only certain groups.
    2. Do more research on schools in need, shcools who can not afford AP classes
    3. Contact the schools and see what we work out

  23. The three things I plan to do for my blog are:
    1) Have my friends from other states (such as Texas, Colorado, and Oregon) help advertise my blog in their high schools so it can circulate all over.
    2) Have my friends from Belize who are interested in my blog help advertise it and circulate all over.
    3) I want to have a homework tab and an AP Test preparation tab on my blog so students won't have to scroll around and search everywhere for what they need.

    Kira Asel Period 3

  24. I have a few friends that go to Hancock right now and I know that they're always looking for new ways to study. So I was thinking, why not take Alex McKinney's idea for the QR code and post it around Hancock? Put some in the library (maybe even the Santa Maria one too), the student center, and the book store.

    As for the blog, I'll be working on making mine more visually appealing because I know that has an influence on me personally. (Even though I try not to let it..) I really like the idea of making an "about" section that will explain what my blog is all about and what part it plays in the grand scheme of things.

  25. Three things I did for my blog over the weekend:
    1)Reached out to some friends in Ohio
    2)Got them to tweet about my blog and send the link everywhere.
    3)Talked to some friends in South Korea and asked them to tell everyone they know.

    -None of this seemed to work for me...-.-'

    Marissa Tajale

  26. Three Steps:
    1)I will link all our blogs for easy access throughout the network.
    2)I will find other AP classes and try to email the teachers/students.
    3)I will comment to other blogs

    Annais Acosta
    Period: 6

  27. Three Steps:

    1. Reached out to my brother in Sonoma, my cousin in O.C., and my cousin in Sacremento.
    2. Linked blog to a couple Youtube videos.
    3. I will increase my conversations/start new ones on fellow members blogs.

  28. i plan to create a page for my blog on facebook,

    network like a beast

    Get some colleagues to do some strategic praising of my blog on different high traffic sights

  29. 1)Social Engineering- telling friends from other schools to follow my blog.

    2)Commenting to high-traffic sites and with links to my blog.

    3)Provide a link to my blog on websites/blogs relating to the AP test.

    Patrick Fraire
    period 3

  30. 1) Using social network site
    2) Advertise to other English teachers who might be interested in what we are doing as a AP group.
    3) Adding a welcome bar.

    Period 6 Yunjoo

  31. 1)Use Facebook to reach my friends in other areas who would be interested.
    2)Reach out to other schools and English teachers.
    3)Find related websites to help promote.

    Candace Rickman
    Period 3

  32. My three steps
    1.Find low funded schools and see if they have ap programs or not.
    2.Reach out to the students and teachers alike to see if they are interested in taking the ap test for seniors without actually taking the course.
    3. See if my aunt knows any high schools near her school and then repeat step two.

  33. The three things that I will do are:
    -Share it on Facebook with the groups I am in
    -I will contact other friends who are planning on taking the AP exam from other schools
    -Do research on schools who would benefit from this.

  34. networking
    2.comment on various websites and videos like TED videos
    3.make my page more inviting by adding a welcome bar and cleaning it up so viewers will want to stay and spread the word

    Ian Janssen p.2

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  36. 1. I will add a welcome bar to my blog and explain on my blog what the purpose is, and what it is about.
    2. I will comment to popular websites and blogs with a link to my blog and/or course blog.
    3. Find other AP classes and email teachers/students.

    Cayla Salazar Period 2

  37. 1) I'm going to email low budget schools and inform the teachers about what we are trying to do and ask if they think their students would be interested.
    2) I will also contact other schools who have ap english and let them know that our blogs are available and would be great study tools.
    3) I also want to add stuff to my blog to make it more welcoming and convenient

    Nicole Anderson
    Period 2

  38. I want to create something that will appear at the top of my blog that is just going to let people who visit my blog what exactly im doing with it, and what it is here for and the purpose. I also plan on organizing my post to create a more neat and organized atmosphere for my guests. One of my ideas for attracting new followers is to create an event on facebook which will be sent to all of my 1600 friends and i figure that should attract at least 200-500 new followers!

  39. 1. I will make sure my blog looks professional and friendly for all the people who will be looking at it for help.
    2. I am going to go to the public libraries in near by cities and post up signs that will guide people to go check out our blogs.
    3. I need to add more extra things to my blog that will help it stand out from the rest and easy to us.

    Marie Alvarado
    Period 3

  40. at list i found that what what i search.i will make a blog like that but i can't understand how will i start.nice blog.