Friday, October 28, 2011

Kudos n' Stuff: October (II)

There is too much good news to wait for November! If I'm missing anyone, or if you did something amazing today, please let me know.

Tatianna Alvarez (admitted to Fresno State)
Marie Alverado (admitted to Fresno State and CSULA)
Carson Dacus (admitted to Fresno State)
Edith Gonzalez (admitted to Fresno State)
Arianna Farmer (Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Winner)
Lizzie Level (admitted to Simpson University)
Ryan McGinley (admitted to The Art Institute of San Francisco)
Alex McKinney (Chamber of Commerce Scholarship Winner)
[UPDATE 10/29] Lupe Perez (admitted to Fresno State)
Sarah Rayburn (admitted to University of Oregon)
Nancy Rubio (admitted to Fresno State)
Nathan Seidenberg (admitted to University of Oregon)
Patrick Sims (admitted to Oregon State University)
Chelsea Stevenson (admitted to Fresno State)
Adriana Zamudio (admitted to Fresno State & CSULA)
Marisol Zepeda (admitted to CSULA)

Don't forget that we have a guest speaker next Wednesday 11/2-- please download and print the on-campus activity form so that you can get it signed and delivered to me ASAP.

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