Wednesday, August 17, 2011

August 17

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: Mozart's Symphony #25 in G Minor]

There is a story about Thomas Edison in which one of his assistants said something like, "We've tried this a thousand ways and it doesn't work! We've accomplished nothing!" Edison reportedly replied, "Nonsense. We've learned a thousand ways it doesn't work." What's the moral of the story, and what is your perspective on the idea?

1. Journal/ collect hard copies of latin phrase from students who didn't comment to the blog (with explanation of why not)
2. Reading quiz: Poisonwood Bible
3. Textbook check-out from library (if you don't have your ID, get a copy of your program from the business office)
4. Vocabulary #1

1. Define/study vocabulary [quiz Friday 8/19]
2. Read "The Right to Your Opinion" [questions may accompany vocab on Friday's quiz]
3. Poetry assignment [due Monday 8/22]


  1. Moral of story is there is progression after recession. Minor set backs or flaws make for a better end result.

  2. I agree Ryan! I think that learning from your mistakes is an efficient way to grow.

  3. It's part of being human. I'm sure even Albert Einstein made mistakes in order to prefect his theory. There is no book on how to be prefect because no one is perfect. Trial and error makes a person wiser. We must learn from all we do.