Thursday, August 25, 2011

August 25

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Communication Breakdown" by Led Zeppelin, "Hanging on the Telephone" by Blondie, and "Where is the Love" by Black Eyed Peas)

Describe your experience in doing last night's homework.

1. Journal
2. Essay exam

1. Read Beowulf in the textbook (pp.39-60) and bring your reading notes to class Friday, August 26 (tomorrow)
2. Prepare for tomorrow's quiz: vocabulary + decision fatigue (and maybe Beowulf)
3. Make sure sure your artifact photo is submitted by Friday, August 25.


  1. I have a question Dr. Preston. I downloaded Beowulf off the app store onto my iPod so I was wondering if it's alright if I read Beowulf out of my iPod or would you still like me to read from the text book?

    - Carlos Cruz Per. 3

  2. I thought you didn't want us to submit our photo to the blog?

  3. /Carlos: No problem. Use any resource (besides the shortcut websites that "pre-chew" the text) that help you answer the comprehension questions. In fact, please post your resource so others--including me--can find it.

    /Kaley, I didn't want the artifact submitted to the blog, that's why it had to be submitted in class (or via email) by Friday.