Thursday, August 18, 2011

August 18

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: Fela Kuti's "Teacher Don't Teach Me No Nonsense"]

How would you go about writing a satire of The Poisonwood Bible? Would you focus on the same issues/themes as Barbara Kingsolver? What techniques would you use to draw the reader in and cause him/her to think differently?

1. Journal (or use the time to review summer reading notes for the essay)
2. Essay exam on The Poisonwood Bible

1. Quiz tomorrow on Vocabulary #1 & The Right to Your Opinion
2. Make sure to submit Poetry Assignment #1 and memorize the poem by Monday, August 22


  1. This journal is a little hard for me to do, any ideas or tips?

  2. Do we have to write the journal question on each journal, or just the answer??

  3. Ok, if successful in attempting to post, please delete

  4. @Missy you dont have to but, it helps me remember what I wrote about that day. But, basically it's up to you

  5. @Ryan Cecil, he is asking that if you were to satirize The Poisonwood Bible, how would you go about doing it? He also wants you to include techniques that you can use to grab the readers way of thinking. Also, if you would focus on the same issues or themes of Kingsolver.

    Hope i helped, and most importantly, am correct

  6. @RMcGinley is correct, and here is some more info: 1. Missy, you don't have to write the question word for word, but I would include enough so that if you want to add later (and you can't see the blog), you won't have to rely on memory alone; 2. Ryan C., begin with defining satire and famous satirists, see if you can determine how authors such as Twain and Swift carved up serious issues with a humorous blade, and then apply that thinking to this topic. You can always add to any of your journal topics throughout the year, even after you've turned them in for the week.