Friday, August 26, 2011

August 26

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "St. George and the Dragon" by Stan Freberg, "Knights of the Round Table" and "The Knights Who Say Ni!" by Monty Python, and "Knight Rider" (TV theme) by Glen A. Larson]

How do modern representations of knights and honor differ from ancient/traditional ones? What do modern portrayals of knights and honor suggest about the culture(s) that produced them?

1. Journal
2. Vocabulary quiz/correct/discuss
3. A proper introduction to Beowulf

1. Study Beowulf by reviewing the resources under the Beowulf post and answering the comprehension questions. Post questions and comments to begin the discussion over the weekend, and be prepared to continue live on Monday, August 29.


  1. Im not posting my answers the comp ?'s because it is like 4 pages long. It took me FOREVER.. I am just bringing my notes and answers to class monday..hope that's okay.

  2. That's fine-- in fact, that's the only way I will accept them. (And it couldn't have taken forever if you're finished!)