Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Vocabulary: Fall List #1

Be ready to define/conjugate/contextualize these words by Friday, Aug. 19:

faux pas


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  2. 1. The frown on the teachers face adumbrated his course of actions for the rest of the period.

    2. Surely Preston's class has achieved apotheosis.

    3. My friends give fustian's about me all the time. But I am actually really contumacious.

    4. Recently I committed a faux pas when I told my friend, McDonalds sucks. Turns out he works there.

    Am I using these words in the right context? If not elaborate for me please.

  3. What definition are we supposed to use for fustian?

  4. Darin:
    I am not sure about the first three and have had trouble making sentences for them myself, I do however think your #4 is correct and that you used it very well in that sentence. Sorry for not being of much help myself.

    Lizzie Level

    1. The man in the strange blue hat adumbrated the horrific car accident.

    2. The Kings apotheosis was unusually quiet for such a significant event.

    3. When I first burgeoned the garden I was skeptical that it would grow at all.

    4. The finishing complement to Stacy's birthday outfit was the diamond necklace her mother left for her.

    5. Shelby thought the fustian was so comfortable she didn't want to leave her bed at all while on vacation.

    I am also not sure how to use beguile, and jeremiad in a sentence. Any help appreciated!

  5. Oh and I don't quite understand jeremiad, could you give an example in a sentence?

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  7. Katie:

    I am not sure which fustian definition to use either but here is what i found for jeremiad online:

    "Unable to control himself at his dog’s funeral, Tim delivered a jeremiad decrying the world’s foremost injustices: poverty, hunger, and insufficient research into the possibilities for “advanced pet-human communication methods.”

  8. 1. The man working at the gas station was adumbrating the town to the girl who was lost so she could find her way around.

    2.The Pharaoh's apotheosis was making the Pharaoh's enemies angry.

    3. The plant burgeoned out of the ground three days after it was planted.

    4. The man had a faux pas, at the royal ball, when he burped.

    5. The bomb would fulminate once it was lit.

    Do these look right?

    Lizzie, I think this might be right but I could be wrong.
    The beautiful billiard hustler beguiled the men into thinking she didn't know how to play billiards.

  9. Lizzie, so its like someone has built up emotions about something and then they just snap and go on a rampage about how they were feeling?

  10. I feel like it is supposed to be a speech influenced by feelings.

    Also, I think all of your sentences look correct but the first one has me a little confused. However, I believe I have the wrong definition of apotheosis. My sentence was "The Kings apotheosis was unusually quiet for such a significant event." Does apotheosis mean a demotion from power? That is what I understood it to mean but I am now having doubts.

    P.S. Thanks for the sentence to beguiled! It makes a more sense now.

  11. This is helping me with how to place the words. Thanks.

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  13. Ryan: The decision to light the house on fire was unconscionable.

    Lizzie: No it means the elevation or exaltation of a person to the rank of god.
    So going up in power.

  14. Ryan: Leaving your kid in the car with the windows rolled up on a hot summer day is unconscionable.

    Katie: Thanks so much for your help on that one. Do elevation and exaltation mean the same thing then?

  15. Lizzie: Yes they are very similar, I got confused with exaltation, at first, thinking it meant something similar to stopping because it sounded like halt but it isn't.

  16. okay well that's what i thought too! haha thanks for your help

  17. Great work everyone! To answer the questions I didn't see answers to in this thread:

    1. fustian means "pompous" or "bombastic"
    2. a jeremiad is literary work or speech expressing bitter lament, prophecies of doom, or mournful complaints about society (so the sentence about poor Tim is accurate)

  18. Also, here is a helpful hint about researching the way unfamiliar words are used in sentences: when you search, enter the word and the term "usage" (for example, "jeremiad + usage")

  19. @Dr. Preston,
    thats really helpful thanks. that lead me in the right direction

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  22. I am really bad at vocab and i'm not positive if these are right...
    1)The character’s actions adumbrated the climax of the novel.
    2)Mr. Price from The Posinwood Bible was very ascetic.
    3)The man beguiled her and she fell straight for his trap.
    4)The child was contumacious and wouldn’t go to bed.
    5)He was a very boring didactic teacher
    6)Lucy was disingenuous when giving Rebecca her birthday present.
    7) John walked off with a sense of hauteur after he got into an argument with Jacob.

    Missy Tuttle
    Period 2