Monday, August 29, 2011

resume template

Here is an ancient, shoddy copy of a resume template. If you miss the class discussion about it make sure to check with a friend-- or post your questions here-- so that yours doesn't wind up looking like it's from a 1973 film strip.

***UPDATE*** Please Note: Your resume will ultimately tailored to the opportunity you're using it for, so keep in mind that you will tweak it accordingly for each scholarship and job application. I don't want to confuse anyone, so please remember that our current priority is higher education scholarship applications. Begin with the senior resume worksheet and structure (which you can see here) for your primary outline. I gave today's information on the functional resume in order to: 1)Discuss mechanics, and 2)Provide ways of making the resume a more specific, personal reflection of your accomplishments. If at this point you're not sure which formatting elements to use, wait until tomorrow when I return your first effort and discuss it with you personally.

sample resume -


  1. are we or are we not supposed to follow the template?

  2. Follow the senior resume worksheet (green pages embedded in previous post) for scholarship applications. You can use the elements from both templates to create a permanent resume that you can use in future for job applications etc. (I used it in class today to discuss format and mechanics.) You may turn in two if you want my feedback-- but if you choose to focus on one, focus on the one that you can use for scholarships. As we've discussed in the past, you will eventually have multiple versions of your resume that you will use for specific purposes. Right now the priority is on scholarships. Apologies for the confusion, I will attempt to "unconfuse" everyone in class tomorrow.

  3. So for tonight, should we make a draft of a scholarship based off the green worksheet, or should we just wait until tomorrow when we get our first drafts back from you?

  4. Hey Dr. Preston i could not figure out why the vocabulary are not posting up but i did find them.
    steps to getting to them.
    1) search box "vocab list"
    2) notice box towards top of page that has "older posts" click.
    3) on the following page ^ you should see "posts:Atom" click.
    4) here on this page we can quickly scroll down to almost the bottom of the page where you will find "Vocabulary: Fall List #1
    Wednesday, August 17, 2011 10:01 AM"