Saturday, August 20, 2011

Senior Resume Worksheet

Here is the senior resume worksheet I mentioned in class (also courtesy of our College Counseling Office), and I hereby take back what I said about starting from scratch. If you have the resume you created in our World Lit course, simply update it with your recent accomplishments-- and be mindful that your objective has changed. If you weren't in that course, you can either borrow the format from someone who was or use this worksheet to begin. However you go about this, bring a document that promotes you to class on Monday, August 22.

senior resume worksheet


  1. Do we write on the worksheet or type an official resume?
    Missy Tuttle

  2. My printer has no ink so can I email the resume to you Dr. Preston? And if so, what's the email to which I ought to send my resume to?

  3. Missy, either is fine for tomorrow.

    Savanah, my desk printer doesn't have ink yet either. See if you can rely on your partner or another friend in class.

  4. Future reference - I would appreciate it if the documents were in black and white, because my printer wasted a lot of ink trying to make a white piece of paper green.
    Thank you? haha

    - Darin Topham

  5. Darin, not a bad idea, but this was a scan of a doc from the college counseling office so there was nothing I could do about the color. Suggestion for future: highlight the text and copy/paste to a word document.