Thursday, September 1, 2011

September 1

JOURNAL TOPIC: ["Twenty Questions" by The Beastie Boys; "Philosophers Stone" by Van Morrison]
Reflect for a moment on your study of Beowulf. Summarize the knowledge you have acquired, describe your thought process and experience of gathering information, and list any questions you have.

1. Journal
2. Beowulf mastery exchange: characterization, literary elements, themes
3. Post questions for homework

1. Study for vocab quiz tomorrow
2. Read "The Beginnings of English" in textbook (p.12); fair game for quiz questions
3. Research answers to the questions we raised in class & comment with answers (for extra credit)
4. Resumes due tomorrow (BTW, does anyone know how to insert accent marks in blogger? It's a little embarrassing to keep typing REH-zu-may as ree-ZOOM.)


  1. to type "resumé", when you are ready to type that last "é" go to "edit", then down to "special characters" and its under the "accented latin" tab.

  2. Instructions how to make many "special" characters. Make sure to follow the directions for whichever OS you are using.

    -have fun, Trey

  3. Thanks for the suggestions! These actually didn't work for me, but (at least on a Mac) I learned that you can type option/e and then the letter e to do it.