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September 28

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Melancholy Mood" by Horace Silver; "It's a Man's Man's Man's World" by James Brown]
Hamlet is confronted by a difficult situation; what does it suggest about society's values at the time, and why does it challenge him so deeply? How would your response-- as a reflection of both your personality and our society's values-- be similar or different?

1. Journal
2. Hamlet: Act I Scenes ii & iii (time permitting)

1. Finish reading Act I Scene iii
2. Comment to this post with: a)your translation of Hamlet's soliloquy in Act I Scene ii, and b)general comments/questions/predictions about Hamlet.


  1. ''Hamlet wishes that he could melt away and turn into dew. If only the good Lord hadn't created a law against suicide. His father had been dead for two months. He was such a grand and noble king. Whom he loved dearly. As did his mother. Hamlet loves his mother as well, but so soon after his fathers death, she marries his uncle. Which makes the pain more intense. He wishes he could say something but he has to hold his tongue.''

  2. "Oh, i wish my dirty flesh could melt away into a vapor, or that God had not made a law against suicide. Oh God, God! How tired, stale, and pointless life is to me. Damn it! it's like a garden that no one's taking care of, and that's growing wild. Only nasty weeds grow in it now. i can't believe it's come to this. My father's only been dead for two months- no, not even two. Such an excellent king, as superior to my uncle as a god is to a beast, and so loving toward my mother that he kept the wind from blowing too hard on her face. Oh God, do i have to remember that? She would hang on to him, and the more she was with him the more she wanted to be with him; she couldnt get enough of him. Yet even so, within a month of my father's death ( i don't even want to think about it. oh women! you are so weak!) even before she had broken in the shoes she wore to his funeral, crying like crazy-even an animal would have mourned its mate longer than she did!-there she was marrying my uncle, my father's brother, who's about as much like my father as i'm like Hercules. Less than a month after my father's death, even before the tears on her cheeks had dried, she remarried. Oh, so quick to jump into a bed of incest! that's not good, and no good can come of it either. But my heart must break in silence, since i can't mention my feelings aloud."

  3. Tragic events have occurred
    If only they could be resolved and go away
    Or will the grieving last forever
    His power against his own self pain. Oh God!
    How sad and terrible
    If only I knew all of the answers
    This crazy untamed world
    Which starts young and grows through status
    Know it and predict that it will come to this
    But only two months dead,
    The excellent King
    So loving to my mother
    That he wouldn't even let the kindest thing harm her
    Do i have to remember? How she mooched off of him
    And fed off of his success
    But now its gone, even after a month
    She didn't care anymore
    Because he grew old to her
    Even though she followed him and fed off of him before
    Why did she even bother to cry?
    Oh God, I want some answers
    Why didn't she mourn longer, and marry my uncle?
    My father's brother, but he is nothing like my father
    Than I must be strong. Within a month
    Just the salt is left from her tears
    And left her eyes red
    But she married. Oh how evil
    To be incestuous and marry her late husband's brother
    Nothing good can come of it
    And even though it will break my heart, I can't say anything

    *In his speech, Hamlet is describing how upset he is with his mother. He just lost his father, his role model, and his mother isn't even sad. All Hamlet wants is time to grieve with his mother, but she had decided to marry his uncle. Hamlet is disappointed in his mother and thinks she is extremely disrespectful because she mooched off his father so long and now that he is dead she has married so quickly. Hamlet is faced with many difficult conflicts like the fact that his own mother isn't a very good person.

    Briana Stinn Period 3

  4. "Oh, I wish my soiled flesh would melt away and thaw. There shouldn't be a law against suicide! Oh God, God! Life is tired, stale and flat and unprofitable to me. It feels like a garden where all the weeds grow and no one takes care. Father, two months dead, wait, not even two months--he was such an excellent king, he was superior than Claudius, my uncle. Heaven and earth (Oh God..?) Mother would hang on him and wouldn't get enough of him. Women are so frail and weak! A month ago, she was sobbing and crying all over hear deceased husband, and now, she's marrying my uncle. And now, she's married to my uncle! They are quick to jump into a bed/sheets of incest.. Nothing can come out good, that's not good. My heart breaks in silence but I can't say it out loud, I must hold my tongue and keep it in.
    b) I just can't seem to understand long soliloquies that Claudius and Hamlet says. Other than that, the story seems pretty suspenseful but traditional-- in a sense that's almost predictable and emotional.

    mari kagawa
    Period 3

  5. ''Hamlet wishes that he could morph into dew. If only the Lord hadn't created made suicide against the law. His father had died two months ago. He was such a noble and great king. Who he loved very much. His mother did too. Hamlet loves his mother too, but she married his uncle so quickly after his father's death. That makes his pain worse. He longs to speak out against this but must hold his tongue.''

  6. "Hamlet wishes he could melt away, but it sucks that's suicide is illegal. He feels like his life sucks and its like a garden uncared for. How his dad was such a great king and his mom seemed to be in love. But she ends up being a skank and marrying his brother and it hasn't even been two months. He also think his uncle is a stupid douche compared to his dad. Then talks about his mother being a selfish whore again."

    Nicole Montoya
    per 3

  7. Hamlet is emotionally distraught over the remarriage of his mother to his uncle after the passing of his late father. I can only imagine how disturbed and warped i'd be feeling if that happened to me.

  8. I wonder if Shakespeare shaped Hamlet out of a character in his life, or emotions he had felt. Hamlet does not have an exact age stated in the play but you can guess he is between 17-25, this is a emotional time in the human life.

  9. Hamlet wishes that he could melt away. If only the Lord did not create a law about illegal suicide. His father has been dead for 2 months. His father was a great king who he admired and loved. As well as his mother. Hamlet loves his mother, but shes marries his uncle soon after the death of his father. This makes his pain stronger. He wants to speak his mind, but he must hold his tongue

    Patrick Sims P.3

  10. I believe that Hamlet's soliloquy was produced out of schock, and equivalent to the saying "What has this mad world come to!" He expressed his feelings, for he is not confused on why he feels the way he does. Yet, he is confused and in shock as to how the situation even got the way it did. Many life changing events happened to him in a matter of weeks. Hois father dies, then his mother remarries, only to be hooking up with his uncle. He finds the wierdness in that, and I believe that Hamlet is wondering why everyone is okay with that disturbing situation.
    b.) I find it interesting that Hamlethas confidence in his feelings, and does not waver when "the king" (his uncle) is telling him that the grief he is feeling is a sin. A question I also have is how old is Hamlet? from reading the play, I figure he is a young adult, but the old version shows him as an old guy.

    Rebecca Patterson Period 6

  11. "Oh that this too too sullied flesh would melt,
    Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew,
    Or that the Everlasting had not fixed
    His canon 'gainst self-slaughter."
    Hamlet is so depressed from his father's death and his mother's marriage to his uncle that he is considering committing suicide. However, he knows that suicide is a sin, and so will not go through with that act. He is also extremely angry with his mother for marrying so soon after the death of his father, believing that she had not grieved an appropriate amount of time.
    I think that these feelings will cause Hamlet to loathe Claudius, to the point of trying to kill the king.

    -Arianna Farmer
    Period 2

  12. "Hamlet wishes that he could commit suicide but the law of God forbids it. Life is long and useless, it's like a garden that does not flourish and becomes foul. My father was a much superior person then Claudius and loved his mother dearly. She used to love him passionately yet within a month of his death she remarried. My mother is a weak women and a beast would of mourned longer for the loss of a loved one than her. She married so hastily and without thought. Nothing good can come of this. My heart breaks because I can not express my feelings aloud."

    I'm interested in seeing what Hamlet decides to do about the death of his father. Im also excited that I will be understanding a Shakespeare play.

  13. a) My translation on Hamlet's soliloquy in Act I Scene ii is that Hamlet wishes he could disappear and not be a witness of all the things that have happened. Such as his father passing away and his mother marrying his uncle. Hamlet thinks it is a horrible thing for his mother to have moved on so quickly and marry again. He cannot believe she would marry again in a month and by this he believes that she didn't feel for his father as he did for her. He has a bad feeling about it and even though he does, he cannot saying anything and must "hold his tongue".

    b) From Hamlet saying, "It is not nor it cannot come to good." forshadowing something that might happen later on?

    Jessica Manriquez; Per. 6

  14. Hamlet doesnt understand how things could have reached this point. His father was an excellent king, and very good to his mother. Hamlet's father hadn't even been dead two months, and yet his mother showed no remorse. Hamlet is extremely angry and bitter that his mother remarried so quickly. To make it worse she married his uncle and King Hamlet's brother(who is nothing like the king). Hamlet is extremely hurt inside but can't say anything and holds his tongue.

    b)I dont understand why Laertes and Polonius try so hard to convince Ophelia that Hamlet is not sincere in his vows to her. Why don't they want them to be together? Does it have to do with their different social classes...since Hamlet is royalty there isn't a chance he could seriously care about a commoner?

    Nicole Anderson
    Period 2

  15. a) Hamlet is depressed and hopeless wanting to just die, but committing suicide would be a sin. Therefore, suicide is no longer an option for him so he remains depressed. He sees no purpose in the world and goes on to explain why he is so distraught. His father was dead for not even two months. His father was an excellent king, loving to his mother, and took care of her every need as it says: “That he might not beteem the winds of heaven Visit her face too roughly”. It pains him to think of the way life use to be when his mother and father were together. He reflects on past memories and in confusion and anger, says that his mother was so attached to his father before he died. Then after his death she acted as if it didn’t even phase her and married Claudius. Hamlet says that she only cried at the funeral and that was it; that a normal person would have mourned longer. In hate, he says that his mother married his uncle who is nothing like his father. Hamlet is bitter about how fast his mother remarried. He concludes that this whole scenario is nothing but bad and that’s all it will be. Then, he moves on from dwelling on the situation and hopelessly but honestly says that he cannot speak of any of this in public for it would be a sin. Hence, “But break my heart, for I must hold my tongue”.

    b) Although Hamlet said to his mother that he won't go away to college, I think that he actually will in rebellion to his mother marrying Claudius.

  16. A) "Oh I wish I could vanish
    if God had not made it a law against suicide.
    Everything is useless to me
    A curse upon it! It's like a garden
    that grows rank and gross in nature
    Two months, not even two
    The excellent king
    loved my mother
    that he wouldn't let the wind
    blow her face too roughly
    Should I remember? She loved him
    and yet within a month
    she moved on to marrying my uncle
    she married too quickly
    with incestuous sheets
    it breaks my heart, but I must keep everything to myself."

    B) By analyzing Hamlet's soliloquy, the words Hamlet uses to describe his frustration foreshadows conflicts in the play -- "It is not, nor it cannot come to good."

  17. Hamlet begins his soliloquy, by saying that he wishes he could fade away into nothingness, and if it wasn't illegal, and against the eyes of god, he would kill himself. He further complained how evrything in life was bleak, and continued by saying that it was like an unweeded garden, and that everything ugly and useless thrived. He also says, that even being king for a short while, he was better than the one now. He continued by saying how much his mother had loved him, and by her marrying his uncle, she had broken hamlet's heart. He questions why she would do that, and even her love for her late husband, and ends with him saying, it hurts him that he cannot even speak against it.

    It was interesting how Gertrude, could do such a thing. Then again all I can think of as an answer, is that it would be fairly OK to do this in that time. However, I don't understand, why Hamlet won't talk to her about it?

  18. Hamlet wishes that he could melt away and disappear, since his religion (he was Roman-Catholic, presumably) forbids him from taking his own life. He says that the uses of this world are "weary, stale, flat, and unprofitable", meaning that he believes that everything is useless, that there is nothing left to live for. He goes on to say that life sucks and is filled with absurdity and "things rank and gross in nature".
    Hamlet then changes gears and begins to reflect on his father's death. He compares the likes of his father to that of his uncle by saying that the former king is as to a god just as the new one was to a beast. He then talks about the apparent love shown by his two parents, and suggests that his mother must have held a feigned affection, because she was so quick to move on after her husband's death. He begins to get upset with his mother's actions, saying that she should have mourned longer, that she should have shown more grief to display her affection for his late father. He ends the soliloquy by saying that he knows the situation is a bad one, but he feels that can not say anything to his mother about his feelings.

  19. A) Hamlet is expressing his hopelessness; his grief and sorrow is so heavy that he wishes so disappear and have nothing to do with any pleasure, and he mourns the fact that God disapproves of suicide. Everything is meaningless. He expresses his angst and anger towards his mother for rebounding before her funeral shoes were even old. His father was completely loving to his mother, and he's saying that she is hardly worthy if this is her true character. It's especially painful since it's his uncle, who is nothing at all like his father, and this is incest. He predicts bad things will happen, but he can't talk smack about it.

    B) What's the significance of Hamlet not going back to school? Did he just want to get away, and if so, why is he obeying so willingly?
    Also, I love watching the videos. It's so helpful to hear it spoken out loud; the subtleties of the play make so much more sense when read with the right emotions.

  20. I wish I could just disappear,
    That I could disappear into nothing,
    If not for it being a sin,
    I would commit suicide. O God,
    There is no point in this useless world!
    Ugh, it's like a garden that only grows to disgust me,
    full of vile weeds.
    My dad has only been dead for two months, only two,
    He was a great king, and so loving to my mother,
    He would of stopped the wind and rain from
    affecting her beauty.
    Why must I remember? She was always all over him,
    and now just a month after his death-
    She weeped tears as my father was buried,
    But only mourned for a short amount of time-
    and then she married my uncle,
    my dad's brother, but my uncle is nothing like my father,
    just like i'm nothing compared to a hero.
    Only a month, and she moved on,
    and married my uncle which is incestuous in my eyes.

    I feel like Hamlet is going to do something to his uncle. He is so strong in his opinion about his mother's marriage being a disgrace that it only seems fitting that Hamlet will try to dissolve this marriage.

    Kelli Carrillo

  21. A) I wish I could just melt away but I know I can't kill myself because suicide is a sin. Life is pointless because everyone dies eventually anyway. My father has only been dead for two months. He was an excellent king and loving to my mother. I don't want to remember him anymore. It makes this life seem to horrible. My mother married his own brother, but he was nothing like my father. He was as much like my brother as I am like Hercules. After a month, she married him. Nothing good will come of this, but sadly, I cannot say how I feel.

    B) I am hoping that Hamlet decides to go to Wittenberg because as he said, "It is not nor it cannot come to good." Staying with this messed up family will do him no good. I also hope he speaks his mind to everyone and recites his soliloquy to the public.

    Nathan Seidenberg

  22. “Hamlet wants to commit suicide, but cannot because it is a sin. He is two months dead, no not even two. He was a great king that would even block the winds from hitting his wife’s face. Why should I remember? Yet within a month she married my uncle. A beast would have mourned longer than she did. Nothing positive can come out of this. It breaks my heart not being able to say anything about this.”
    I look forward to being able to read and understand a play by Shakespeare.

    Mitchell Edmondson P4

  23. Hamlet can't and in a way refuses to deal with what is happening. He misses his father, and it is evident he thought very highly of him. Hamlet goes on to talk about his mixed feelings towards his mother. He loves and cares for her but he can't get passed the fact that she moved on so quickly, and onto his uncle nonetheless. He has all these pent up emotions but he cannot express any of them or voice his opinion.

    Like Hamlet, I too would not be able to understand why my mother would do such a thing. Looking at it as an outsider you understand that she needs comfort and stability, which she found in her late husband's brother.

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  25. In this scene Hamlet is really the first character to express his emotions and thoughts to the reader. In his soliloquy you feel his anger developing. His father, King Hamlet, was well respected and Hamlet loved him greatly. Yet no more than two months after his death Hamlets mother has chosen to marry someone new, his uncle. He sickened and disgusted by the fact that his mother has so easily moved on to someone else, like his father was someone who was meant to be forgoten. It is clear that in the near future Hamlet may snap.

  26. Oh, how I wish my sullied mind would melt away
    Thawed and fixed out of my concern
    or at least that God had not made sin
    Suicide so that I could end this . Oh God, God,
    How boring, old, routine and unfulfilling
    This life has become!
    Fuck! It's like an unweeded garden
    That only spawns more problems. Things rank and disgusting in nature
    Could merely compare to it. That it should come to this
    Only two months dead, no, less, since his death,
    Such an excellent king, that is to say
    As God is to a beast, so loving to my mother
    That he would go to his own ends to stop the winds of Heaven
    So as to not pest her face. Heaven and earth,
    Why Must I tread on his death?! Why, she would cling onto him
    As if her sorrow only fueled
    more sorrow, but still, within a month-
    Let me not think it, But Woman, you are the face of frailty
    A short month or so, and the Grieving clothes
    With which she attended my fathers, funeral were well out of her mind
    Why even the prideful arrogant Niobe, even her
    oh God, a beast who cares more for recognition
    Would have mourned longer - married with my uncle,
    My fathers brother, who is no more like my Father
    Than I am to Hercules. Within a month,
    the salt from my mothers most ingenuine tears
    not even dried
    She married. Such speed for such an evil act
    to stay so composed in preforming incest!
    No good can and no good will come of this
    But I'll let my heart be broken, for I must hold my tongue

    Per 3

  27. "Oh, i wish my being could melt away
    or that suicide was not a sin, oh God, God,
    how pointless everything seems to me.
    It's an untended garden, that only grows weeds.
    My father's been dead not two months
    So excellent a king, like a God to an animal.
    Loving my mother so greatly that he wouldn't let the winds touch her face too roughly.
    Why must i remember that?
    She held onto him as if she could never live without him.
    yet, within a i don't want to think about it. women are so fickle!
    an animal would have mourned the death of it's partner more than my mother did.
    married to my uncle, my father's brother, but no more like him than i am to Hercules.
    the salt from her fake tears has dried, and she has married with haste, and has willingly partaken in incestuous deeds.
    no good can come of this.
    it's killing me to leave all these things unsaid"

  28. i didn't catch this the first time i read, but after reading it again, two phrases really popped out to me. "unrighteous tears" and the word "wicked". Is this some sort of hint that his mother actually knew about the true nature of her husband's death, and that's why she moved on so quickly???

    -Marissa Tajalle

  29. Oh, i wish that I could melt into dew or that God had not made suicide a sin. This world is useless to me, my life is like an unweeded garden in which dank things grow. My father's been dead two months, no not even two months. He was an excellent king like the sun god. So loving to my mother he wouldn't even let the wind hit her face to roughly. Must I remember this? How she would hang on him and her appetite for love increased the more she was with him. And yet within month ( I can't believe how weak women are!) even before the shoes she wore to my fathers funeral were broken in, she had tears like Niobe ( but even an animal would have mourned longer over the loss of a mate ) she married my uncle. My father's brother. But he's no more like my father than I am like Herculues. Within a month! The salt from her tears had just stopped flushing her eyes and she married. So quick to jump into sheets of incest, it is not and never will be good, but I must hold my tongue no matter how much it breaks my heart.

  30. a.) "Oh how i wish that my body would just melt, into dew and I can just disappear! Why has God made suicide such an evil sin? Oh God! God! How tiresome and pointless life seems now! The world is just like an untamed garden with only ugly weeds growing out of it. Not even two months after my father's passing and look what has become. He was such an excellent king, its like comparing a lion to a lamb. I love my mother dearly though and I know she had loved my father so much, but she married father's brother for crying out loud! She didn't give herself enough time to mourn, she has "moved on" too quickly. This won't end well but I must keep and hold my feelings inside."

    b.) I'd share the same feelings of emotion if I were in Hamlet's shoes. I would instead let it be clear to my mom that I hate the fact of her marrying my uncle and will refuse to let it happen. It would just be awkward an weird for the rest of my life. I do predict however Hamlet will have enough of this and rebel on some cause of the matter and perhaps have a huge confrontation between both his uncle and mother.

    Alaysia Navarro
    Period 4

  31. I wish my corrupted flesh would fade away because it is sinful to commit suicide. Everything in the world seems to have no purpose or meaning.My father has not been dead even two months and this "excellent" king woos and charms my mother. How quickly she clung to his side. Women, sheesh! An animal would morn longer for its partner than my mother did for my father and now she's married to my uncle! If he's anything like my father then I must be hercules. Its almost gross how fast they started sleeping with each other. Almost like cousin lovin'. Yuck :P

    I predict some real drama to be going down in the kingdom of the Danes; some full blown nephew vs uncle stuff.

    Trenton Class P.2

  32. In the first couple of lines (129-132) Hamlet says that he wishes that he could disappear or kill himself, which he can't do because God does not allow it. The next set of lines (133-137), Hamlet blames the world and calls it a horrible and unforgiving place. After that, Hamlet mostly ridicules his mother for marring so soon after his father's, her first love, death. He directs his anger towards her and then his uncle, who claims to be a great brother, but Hamlet says that his uncle is no more a father to him than he is to Hercules.
    The end sums up that nothing good can happen through his uncle becoming king and marring his mother. However, he can not speak out against this and it is breaking his heart to remain silent.

  33. If only I could take my own life to escape this, but it is against what God wants. I can't find any good in the world. Life can be like a garden and flourish with beauty, but mine has not been tended and is fading away. My father has only been dead for two months. He was a perfect king, and loved my mother with all of his heart. She seemed to be attached to him always, couldn't be without him, but within a month she forgot about my father, dried up her tears, and married my uncle. Any normal person would have mourned longer, but she is someone else now. My uncle is no more like my father than I am to Hercules. They have worlds of differences. So she married my uncle, within a month of my father's death, and now doesn't have a care in the world.

    Hamlet describes the relationship between his mother and father to be a really close, strong one, so it's surprising that she would get around so fast. She picked some guy over her own son, and that sent her relationship with Hamlet down the drain.

  34. I wish my skin would melt away and I would die. I would kill myself if god didn't make suicide a sin. Oh god, life itself has become pointless because this world is dull, flat, and stale. Life has become an untended garden that only grows weeds. My father hasn't even been dead two months. He was an excellent king, like a god to an animal. He loved my mother so much he wouldn't let the wind be too rough with her. Why must I remember that? She held onto him as though he was everything in life. And within a month, No, I no longer want to think about it. My mother didn't mourn his death longer than an animal would have. She married my uncle, my fathers brother. He is as much like my father as I am to Hercules. She remarried so fast! She is done crying over my father, the tears have dried. Its killing me to keep all this bottled up inside.
    Patrick Fraire P.3

  35. Hamlet is distraught about his mother being remarried, and to his uncle nonetheless, after his father only having been deceased for a month. He wishes that he could commit suicide, but he knows that it is God's law that one does not take their own life. He sees the marriage of his mother and uncle as disgusting. He thinks that his mother moved on to quickly and fears that nothing good can come from this marriage. At the very end of his speech Hamlet realizes that as much as it breaks his heart, he can't speak out against the marriage.

    Nancy Rubio
    Per. 2

  36. In the soliloquy Hamlet describes how upset he is about his father's death. He tells us that he does not understand why his mother has gone and remarried his uncle, and let's us know that it has only been a month sense his father died. "Why did she even bother to cry?" This is one line taken from the excerpt and I believe it truly shows how disgusted he is with his mother, and how even though he says that he will stay in Denmark, in order to be happy and deal with this tradgedy we see that he must leave.
    Lizzie Level

  37. a)"Oh how I want my stained skin to melt away into dew, or that God had not made suicide a sin. O God, God, how useless this world seems to me! It is like a garden that has not been cared for. Two months, no, not even two months dead. Such an excellent king compared to Claudius is like comparing the sun god to a goat like animal. He was so loving to my mother, he will not let the winds of heaven harm her in any way. Should I remind myself of why she would stay with him? As if increase in appetite had grown by what it fed on. And yet within a month, before the shoes she walked in to follow my father's body around got old (Let me not think of weakness, she is a woman!)she got over her grief and married my uncle.(O God a beast with no ability to reason would've mourned longer!) My father's brother is nothing like my father as I am to Hercules. Within a month before all the crying had stopped making her eyes red she married. O' stupid quickness that rushed in. It is not good and cannot end up in any good. It breaks my heart but I must keep quiet."

    b) I think that Hamlet will not be able to contain himself and will eventually let out all his anger and sadness to public. Not only will he probably harm Claudius but also to his mother.

  38. I wish I could kill myself, but God doesn't approve. Life seems to have no point anymore. The world is an unweeded garden.... Two months after father died, he was a good king, especially compared to Cladius; mother is loving, but moved on to fast, anyone with feelings would've mourned longer. Father and Cladius are very different, but she married him anyway without thinking twice.

  39. a)From the very first line of Hamlet’s soliloquy, we can tell straight away that he was holding back on his true feelings in front of Claudius and his mother. He states that his true feelings are of anguish and frustration. He’s in so much pain that if not decreed by God that suicide was a sin, he would choose to commit such a horrific act. He’s depressed that his father had just passed, but angered and frustrated by the fact that his mother, whom was so loyal to his father, had moved on so quickly. Only a month ago she was mourning over King Hamlet’s death and already she is content and moved passed his death with such ease. Hamlet is disgusted by his mother’s lack of remorse. She was completely loyal to King Hamlet, but Hamlet implies that even the most virtuous women can be corrupted by the seductive evils in life. Hamlet is heartbroken and despondent, yet he cannot voice his thoughts for he must uphold a “manly” persona due to society standards.

    b)I have always wanted to read Hamlet for authors are always making allusions to it. Shakespeare’s writing has always been a challenge yet great experience for me to read.

    Laura Wong
    Period 2

  40. Hamlet longs for death, but suicide is a sin. He claims life has becoming meaningless. Hamlet states that his father has been dead for less than two months and believes his mother is moving on too quickly. Hamlet goes on to say that Hamlet's brother will never live up to Hamlet.

  41. He wants to kill himself but it's a sin so he can't. He sees no happiness left in the world. the world has not been taken care of and it's not corrupt. things that are revolting now possess the world. His father was an amazing king yet he's being forgot without being dead for two months. As a ghost he' snot allowing things to hit his wife too harshly. Oh god, why do I have to think about this? His mother clung to his father as if her life depended on it, but as soon as he dies, she starts to cling to his uncle. She has bad judgement. Anyone would have grieved longer than she did. His uncle is northing compared to his father. He will never be the king that his father was.

    Hannah Hosking
    period: 4

  42. "Oh I wish I could melt away, vanishing from this world
    If only God had not made suicide a sin
    Everything and everyone in this world is useless to me
    My mind and emotions are a garden that tries to flourish, but can't break free of the rank and gross nature that possesses it
    My father, the excellent king has only been dead for two months, two months!
    And he had been so loving to my mother, so much that he wouldn't let the wind
    blow her face too roughly
    Should I remember? She loved him
    and yet within a month
    she moved on to marrying my uncle
    She married too quickly
    with incestuous sheets
    Nothing can come good of this
    Even though I can not bear it, I must hold my tongue."

    I had a totally different idea of what Hamlet would be about when our class first started reading this play. It's a lot more entertaining than I thought it would be, and translating the story in a more modern english is really easy and fun. The play makes a lot more sense after you translate it, and you are more able to connect with the characters in the play.

  43. A) Hamlet feels overwhelmed with what’s going on that he can’t and refuses to cope with what’s happening. He strongly expresses his frustration and sorrow of his father’s death and wishes he could commit suicide but can’t because it’s a sin. He mentions how his father has been dead for two months now although it seems like forever. He continues on with how magnificent and loving a man he was. He talks about the strong love his parents kindled for each other and stressed his anger and frustration on how his mom would throw all that away by meeting and marrying someone else not even moments after.
    B) Hamlet reminisces a lot about his father and the love his parents had for each other. And I think the fact that obviously he isn’t fond of his mother rushing into another marriage, that in despite of it, he might try to find a way to get back at her whether it’s going back to Wittenberg or something else.

    Jolissa Jiles

  44. 1. In his soliloquy, Hamlet says that the world is so terrible and pointless that he would rather be dead. However, he cannot kill himself because it is a sin. He is depressed because his mother, a widow of less than two months, has already married his father's brother. Hamlet just doesn't understand how his mother, who was seemingly inconsolable, can already be remarried. He knows that nothing good will come of it and he wishes he could say so, but he can't.
    2. Why did Hamlet's mother marry Claudius? Also, why is his wanting to go to college important? I predict that Hamlet is going to just completely go off the deep end, seeing how emotional and unstable he seems.

    Shannon Fahey, Period 4

  45. Hamlet is very depressed from his father's death and the fact that his mother is now getting married to his uncle has him thinking of committing suicide. The one big aspect that really keeps Hamlet back from acting upon these suicidal thoughts is that it is considered a HUGE sin. The fact that his mother is remarrying so soon really hurts him. He really looked up to his father, and he's not even close to moving on from his death, and his mother getting married so soon makes him feel like she doesn't even care because she hasn't spent enough time in mourning.(in his perspective). I think that eventually, the more anger that builds up inside of Hamlet, will cause him to try and kill the king.

  46. "I wish my skin would just fade off of me or that suicide was not just a frowned upon sin. My life has become a terrible garden filled with nasty weeds and depressing shrubs. It has not even been two months since the king, my father, died. He was the greatest hero in not only royalty, but in love. He gave my mother everything and more than any other man could offer. But that woman, who once grieved over the loss of the best man she had in her life, has moved on to some inferior. She married my uncle, a man that can't even match up to the greatness of my father. It is such a terrible thought, I cannot even fathom the idea. My sorrow will live inside me; I must not let the others know my deepest, darkest feelings."

    -Kelly Brickey, Period 3

  47. ”I just want to melt into droplets and evaporate! For the Everlasting says Suicide is a sin! Oh God! God! Everything seems so boring, flat, and stupid all the traditions of the world! So annoying! Annoying! All the weeds in the garden that tries to grow, but makes instead makes things gross and disgusting. It has come to this! He’s been dead for two months! Not even two months. He was a great king, and now this king a great man to a horrible man; loving to my mom hopefully he won’t let the winds of heaven Blow on her roughly. Heaven and earth! Do I have to remember? Why would she follow him like she wants to crave more things it feeds on? Only a month I don’t want to think of it! You are a moral of weakness woman Less than a month, you followed father around She was heartbroken, crying, she even- Oh God! A beast that doesn’t have reason would have mourned longer – married my uncle my father’s brother, but not my father than I am like Hercules. A month before sinful tears Left the blushing in her irritated eyes she married. Oh what horrible timing to be calm when incest is right there! It isn’t and won’t ever be good but, my heart must be silent."

    Chelsey Soriano
    Per. 3

  48. "How I wish, that this flesh, so damaged and stained, would melt away, fall apart, and end in liquid, or that God had not written suicide illegal, sinful. O God, God, how meaningless this life seems to me! Disgust, on it, ah, outrage and disgust on this garden of endless weeds that is my life. This life, it merely possess things naturally foul and gross! For such a life and world to come to this even fouler and grosser event, two months dead, no, not even, not two, he was such an excellent king, a God to a lustful drunk, so loving to my mother that even in death, even in heaven he would keep the winds from beating her. Heaven and earth, must I remember? Why, she would hang on his arm, always by his side, as if her love, her appetite for him, had grown on being with him, and yet within a month she betrayed this such powerful love. Let me not think on it; frailty, your name is woman, women are weak, too delicate - a little month, so little that she remarried before those shoes, in which she wore while she followed my poor father's body to its grave, like Niobe, crying endlessly, all tears, were ever to be considered old. Why, she, even she - God, a beast that wants reason, logic, and rationality would have mourned and expressed irrational emotion longer than she - married with my uncle, my father's brother, he is no more like my father than I to Hercules. Within a month, before the salt of her vile and wicked tears had flushed and irritated her sore and irritated eyes, she married. She married with wicked speed and flexibility to sheets of the same family, incestuous sheets! It is not good nor can it ever become good. So, break my heart, crush me, for I mustn't speak of this corruption."

  49. a) “Oh I wish my skin could just melt off, or that God made suicide a sin! Oh God. Oh God! Live seems so flat and pointless to me. Fudge! Life’s like a wild garden not being cared for. Like weeds growing uncontrolled, I can’t believe life has come to this! It’s been two months, wait not even two months! He was such an excellent king. He was a Titan and my uncle is half a man, and so loving toward my mother that he didn’t even want his breath to hit her too hard. She loved him so much and fell more in love every time she was with him. Yet, even after a short month, she married, and to make it worse, my own uncle. My father’s brother, whose as much to my father than I am to Hercules. Less than a month has past, and not even her tears have dried up and already she is married. It isn’t good and I know no good will come out of it. But I have to be silent, I can’t express my feelings out loud.”
    b)I didn’t think I would enjoy this book, but already I’m hooked on it. I read ahead a little and I’m curious to see how Hamlet gets revenge, if he does happen to try to get revenge.
    Lupita Perez Per.3

  50. funniest thing in the world happened right now. My computer decided to turn off at the end of my response now i have to retype everything. Great.

  51. "If only my skin would melt and turn to dew, and if only God allowed suicide, God this world is so pointless and boring! It is like an overgrown garden that is choked with weeds taking it over. It isn't even 2 months after an excellent king's death, he was so great a man and so loving to my mother. He would have stopped the winds of heaven to protect her. Heaven and earth, i remember she would stay with him like her life relied on his presence, but yet within a month, i do not want to think about it; you weak woman, a small month and your feet that followed behind my father's funeral, all tears, an animal would mourned longer- married to my uncle. My father's brother, but he is nothing like my father. I'm more like Hercules than he is like my great father, in a month, before her tears had even fully dried she was married. How evil and quick they got married, it's practically incest."

    Cambria Leach P.2

  52. a.Hamlet is very depressed over his father’s death, his father was a great king, and to top it all off his mother just married his uncle. That does not help the matter. He believes that his mother has not grieved for long enough and that his mother’s decision was wrong. Hamlet wants to speak his min d but he decides to hold it in to not make matters worse.
    b.I have trouble understanding the language like I am sure many of us do but I want to know if there is an easier way to translate it or if anyone has tips on having a better understanding of it.

  53. I do not understand the meaning of "sheets" in the line, "incestuous sheets." Is Shakespeare using a different meaning of the word or does he really mean sheets, like bed sheets?

    Trevor Hudgins
    Period 6

  54. 1) Hamlet begins by showing how he believes his life is terrible. He would commit suicide if it wasnt for the religious reason of suicide being a sin that isnt to be tampered with. hamlet continues complaining saying relating life to a garden of weeds. Hamlet is overwhelmed by the fact that his mother is marrying his uncle after his father had die noe even two months ago. "Hamlet may not see valid reason but looking into it maybe she was remarried in pride and wanted to be back on the throne where she was accustomed to." Still though he cant get over the fact that his mom is now together with his uncle after all the memories he has of her and his dad so happy and loving to each other. He wants to act or speak out against it but he knows that he can not.
    2)In all honesty, this play elaboration with my fellow classmates has interested me in shakespears writing much more than before.I cannot wait to finish the book after analyzing it like we are currently doing and looking back at how i would have just read the book and be in total awe of how much more i was able to extract from the text. Im also very curious to see how the ghost or supernatural comes to interract with hamlet and what hamlet decides to do after it.

  55. jojo relyea per. 3

    a) I wish my skin would melt off me
    and I could fade into nothing
    or i would stop living forever
    why does suicide have to be a sin!?
    life is meaningless
    the world and everything in it is useless to me
    life is like a garden
    things flourish from just a seed
    how coul,d it have grown to this
    hes only been dead for two months-not even
    he was a great king and
    was like a saint and loved mom deeply
    if he could leave heaven
    he would move heaven and earth to see her
    it hurts me to remember them together
    she wouldnt leave his side
    but she never really loved him and in only a month
    i cant even say her name!
    she didnt even mourn for a month before she was fine
    she disrespected my dad
    her tears were fake- she even!...
    god that bitch!
    she barely mourned and then my married
    my uncle
    my dads own brother! b=hes nothing like my father
    than me compared to hercules. in only a month
    her fake tears hadnt even dried
    from her damn eyes
    she married so damn fast
    and jumped into his bed
    there is no positive side to this
    its breaks my heart not to be able to express myself!

    b)He should punch that whore in the face and overthrow his uncle! Poor Hamlet notonly does he have to throw all of this, but he has to do it on a pedistal with the whole kingdom watching his every move. Is line 162 saying shes a whore for sleeping with his fathers brother?

  56. I wish I would just die, but it's a sin to commit suicide. This is gross how not even two months after my father's death my mother likes his brother, our "excellent" king. Beasts and animals would have mourned longer for the loss of a partner. And the fact that my mom went to my father's brother who is similar to my father like I'm similar to Hercules. She married too quickly and how disgusting it is that they sleep together!
    I think that Hamlet will see his father more and begin to make his plan of revenge for his uncle to avenge his father's death. The reader will also learn that Cornelius was the one who killed Hamlet(sr.).
    Ian Janssen p4

  57. I wish that I could disappear. That i had never existed. Or, that God did not frown upon sucide. O God, O God! Everythig in this life is utterly useless! Life is nothing but an unweeded garden. All things inside are dead. Nothing but awful things happen constantly in this life. How did this happen? My father was an excellant king and so devoted to my mother. He wouldn't even let the wind make her uncomfortable. My goodness. Why am I thinking about this? They were so close. Never separated. It seemed all they needed was each other. Now? A month later- I don't want to think about it. Weakness, thy name is woman. A short month- she just attended his funeral! She was all tears- so full of grief. O God! anyone, would have mourned longer- she married my uncle! My father's brother. He is as much like my father, as I am like a superhero. A month! She didn't deserve to mourn. As soon as the tears were gone, she was married. Too fast. She moved on so quickly to his brother!
    This cannot come to anything good.
    I will break my heart. And i cannot tell anyone about it.

    b) I, like Trevor, don't understand the "incestuous sheets," or why this is incest. After the King died, the queen and the king's brother were of no relation. Is he using this language to describe his opnion instead of the actual situation? Or is he simply upset about the short time it took for his mother's re-marriage? Is he more upset about the time it took? Or the person she married?

    Rachel Bumstead 4th period

  58. Hamlet wants to melt away and turn into dew. He then implies he wants to kill himself but can't because suicide is a sin. Hamlet goes on to compare his life to a garden of rank that continues to grow full of weeds and gross nature. He then expresses his anger towards his mother for marrying his fathers brother within only a month or two after his fathers death. He also thinks that his uncle is completely different then his father and expresses this by comparing himself to Hercules. Hamlet continues to keep his tone of hopelessness saying to himself that he has to keep his feelings locked, that telling the new king and queen will only make matters worse.

  59. part B
    I think Hamlet is mentally unstable at this point. He is seeing ghost and wanting to kill him self. He could really use some modern day anti-depression pills.

  60. A)In Hamlet's soliloquy, he is expressing his sadness about his father's death and the remarriage of his mother. He is extremely disappointed in his mother for not mourning for his father, but instead quickly marrying his uncle. Hamlet feels the situation is so hopeless that he wants to commit suicide. "O, that this too too solid flesh would melt, Thaw, and resolve itself into a dew!"
    B) At this point, it seems Hamlet is more bitter towards his mother than of Claudius.
    Cayla Salazar Period 2

  61. This is Jon Hoffman's post from 2nd period. I am posting it for him due to his encounters with technological errors.

    Here it is:

    I wished that I died as well with my father, life seems meaningless now. He was a great king, kind and loving to all, especially my mother. She adored him but within a month of his passing she has married my uncle. Is my father, her husband so quickly forgotten? The weakness of that woman’s heart… if only she would have mourned longer in remembrance of all the memories created with the husband she so adored. A month though! A single month and she marries his brother whose comparison can only be as a hero and his villain. Quickly they married to incest! I wretch at the thought. No matter, I have no say and will hold my tongue.

    The only questions I have about Scene III are about what Hamlet actually interpreted from the description of the Ghosts appearance and why did Shakespeare put in the monologue to Laertes from Polonius?

  62. I wish I could just disappear,
    That I could disappear into nothing,
    If not for it being a sin to do,
    I would commit suicide. O God,
    There is no point in this useless world!
    Ugh, it's like a garden that only grows to disgust me,
    full of vile weeds.
    My dad has only been dead for two months, not even two,
    He was a great king, and so loving to my mother,
    He would of stopped the wind from hitting her beauty
    Why must I remember? She was always all over him,
    and now just a month after his death-
    She weeped tears as my father was buried,
    But only mourned for a short amount of time-
    and then she married my uncle,
    my dad's brother, but my uncle is not like my father,
    just like i'm nothing compared to a hero.
    Only a month, and she moved on,
    and married my uncle which is incestuous in my eyes.

    I really want to see how Hamlet carries out his thoughts. Since he's so indecisive and upset i want to know where his thoughts lead him in this situation. I feel like he is really going to seek revenge on his uncle.

    Shannon Murray
    period 3

  63. O that my stained skin would melt
    And become a dew,
    Or that God hadn't
    made suicide a sin,
    How banal and pointless
    the things of this world are to me!
    I curse it! It is an unweeded garden
    that grows to spread. Only things that are abundant and repulsive possess it.
    That it should come to this
    Only two months dead, not even that.
    He was an excellent king, like
    Hyperion to a lowly satyr; so loving to my mother
    That he wouldn't even let the wind blow to hard on her face. Heaven and earth,
    Must I remember? Why, she (would) hang on him
    as if growing more
    in affection. But in a month
    Let me not think of it; Women are frail
    Only a month after she wore the shoes
    She of her husband's funeral
    Crying profusely, why did she
    (anything smarter than her would have
    mourned longer) marry my uncle?
    My father's brother, but not my father
    as I'm not Hercules. Within a month
    of her depression
    She married, with speed,
    quickly to her brothers bed!
    No good will come of it
    But, I must hold my tongue and not speak of it.

    The Right Honourable Nicholas Joshua Lycan
    Period 4

  64. Hamlet cannot understand why others do not share his feelings. No one else is mourning the way he is, and it is very frustrating to him. Hamlet is extremely mad and confused about why his mother remarried so quickly without even taking a second to remember the one she just lost. Hamlet wants to share his feelings with everyone but he can't because he has to bite his tongue. Hamlet also thinks that no one can relate to him, no one other than his father. He thinks that there is no one who sees him inside, everyone is looking right through him to see what thy want to see. Hamlet's mother completely ignores the fact that that he is hurting inside. It isn't the manly thing to do to be sad and forward with feelings. As a man, he has to move on and pretend that everything is okay. This stereotypical conclusion of a man is contradicted with Hamlet's character. He acts as a human being, not a robot that society expects him to be.

    I think that Hamlet is so bitter and resentful towards his uncle (now stepfather) for multiple reasons. Of course he replaced his father which is too tender and raw a subject to be touched since 'the memory be green'. I'm curious as to see what Hamlet will do to release his anger, he cannot hold something like this in for long.

    Kaley Jorgensen Per 2

  65. Hamlet talked about his own flesh in line 129 and how we did not want to exist, but suicide is a sin for Catholics and by God. He is suicidal because it seems to him that the world to him is practically hopeless and "stale". He then proceeds to talk about how awesome his dad was as a king and how much his mother loved him and, therefore, it was morally wrong for his mother to homie-hop on the king onto his brother two, oh wait, not even two months later, even though she was devastated and crying rivers after her original husband passed away. He thinks even an animal or best would have mourned longer for the loss of their spouse than she did before the married his brother, making him Hamlet's uncle, step-dad, and king. Hamlet proceeds to talk about how his uncle is nothing like Hamlet's father, like how Hamlet is no similar to Hercules. Hamlet did not understand how she was able to marry him with "wicked speed" and he ends in observing that he isn't able to admit what he thinks about his mother.

    I think Hamlet was completely right in his observations because his mom truly was a homie-hopper in the worst, unmoral form. I don't know why she chose to do that, although I hope there was a better reason than her just wanted to be a queen.

    Dania Hatamleh, Period Four

  66. Hamlet wants to just disappear because his father is dead and on top of that within one month Hamlet doesn't understand why his mother, who was very much in love with king Hamlet, married so soon and to Hamlet's uncle.This left Hamlet questioning who his mother really was. He wants to kill himself but its against the law of his religion.

    I think what Gertrude did was selfish. When King Hamlet died she turned to his brother for comfort and stability but she doesn't think about Hamlet and his emotions that developed by her actions.

    Daniel Gonzalez Per2

  67. A)In Hamlet's soliloquy he expresses his sorrow and frustration towards his mother and uncle (stepdad). Considering his father's death wasn't that long ago, hamlet feels as if his mother has betrayed his father, the great King, and that she has no respect for his memory. He doesn't approve of his mother's marriage to his uncle and is therefor angry at the fact that she not only married him but didn't even bother waiting a certain amount of time. At least enough time for him to mourn in peace. Hamlet wishes that it were not a sin to commit suicide because he would rather kill himself than deal with the pain of his father's death. In the end of his speech, he expresses how much he wants to get revenge and says he must just stand in silence for the time being.

    B) I find myself reading the text a little too many times and I get very frustrated. I need a little bit of help (or maybe a lot) to be able to interpret what is occurring, easier.

  68. a) Hamlet wants to kill himself but cannot for the sake of his religion. Life has become meaningless to him. Life has become disgusting because of these recent events. King Hamlet was so loving to his queen and to him made a much better king than Claudius could hope to be. Gertrude seems so weak to him because she was temporarily distraught over her husband's death, only to marry again within a month. Bitterly, all this he cannot speak.
    b) I'm kind of curious as to why Prince Hamlet didn't immediately become king after his father died.

    Dannielle Edwards, 4th.

  69. a) Hamlet is very upset over his fathers death, so upset that he wishes to take his life, and would if only it was not against his religion. He also is disappointed in his mother who just after one month remarried to his uncle. He is questioning how much love his mother really did have towards his father.

    b) I am interested to see how Hamlet will react, and I'm curious to see if Hamlet will commit suicide, because Shakespeare is known for writing tragedies (Romeo & Juliet).

  70. In this soliloquy, Hamlet states that he would kill himself if it were not a sin. He is angry and frustrated that his mother would remarry when his father has only been dead for less than two months. He is disgusted and appalled that his mother would marry his uncle shortly after his father died.He goes on to state that their marriage "incestuous." At the end he states that this "cannot come to god." He wants to do something about it but will "hold his tongue" for now.
    -Since one of the main themes is revenge, I believe that he will somehow plan to take some form of revenge on Claudius.

  71. If only it were not a sin, Hamlet would kill himself. Fresh from the pain of the loss of his father, adds on the disturbing remarriage of his mother. Hamlet aches and longs for action to be taken, but he will wait.

    -Very interesting, to say the least.

  72. Hamlet wishes that he could melt away. If only the Lord did not create a law about illegal suicide. His father has been dead for 2 months. His father was a great king who he admired and loved him... You can interpret his feelings as either really sad or really pissed off, but you can not totally decide because of the way he is acting.
    Chad Foster
    Per. 2

  73. In this scene hamlet is alone and wishes he could melt away. The whole situation is sickening that his dad was such a great king along with person and how could his mother act so upset and cry then replace the king with his own brother. He hates that he can't say anything.

    Chelsea Stevenson
    Per. 4

  74. Hamlet states that he would kill himself if it was not against the holy rule our creator enforces. Anger and confusion consume his emotions and makes him blind to a resolution. Additionally, nobody accepts his grieving, and tell Hamlet to move on. This was a major difference I noticed in the socieites of our time and Hamlet's time. In our time, people are excused from responsibilities in order to get over a loved one's death, but that is not the case for Hamlet. This fact adds to Hamlet's anger as he believes nobody cares about him. Thus, Hamlet wants to commit suicide.

    Comment - I find this story extremely difficult to interpret and read. If anyone has advice on how to read it, let me know.

    -Alex McKinney

  75. Hamlet is upset that his mother has remarried to his uncle, after only a couple months after the death of his father. He wishes to commit suicide but knows that this is a sin. He wishes that someone could accept his grieving but this sadness turns into anger towards his mother and uncle.

    Paul Hurd