Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "'Round Midnight" by Herbie Hancock; "Midnight in the City of Destruction" by Tom Morello]
What's the deal with midnight?  Why do so many stories in so many media incorporate this setting-as-allusion/character?  What does the hour signify to you? 

1. Journal
2. Progress report grades
3. Literature analysis blogs
3. Hamlet: character map, background, Act I Scene ii

1. Read "The Art of Hosting Good Conversations Online" by Howard Rheingold
2. Visit five classmates' literature analysis blogs (list here) and complete the following four tasks.
  • [1] Take notes on the essential information from the novel (on paper, due in class Wed 9/28; be sure to include the URL of the blog in addition to the title/author). 
  • [2] Post a comment on each blog that clarifies/extends the conversation in progress. 
  • [3] Explain how you used the information from the Rheingold article in writing your posts.
  • [4] Write down your observations on the blogs you visited: what makes them effective? what needs to be improved?

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