Thursday, September 8, 2011

September 8

JOURNAL TOPIC: ["My Friends Always Ask Me" by Mary Lane; "Ask Me Now" by Thelonious Monk]

Does language merely describe reality or does it create a sense of reality? Do speakers of different languages just use different words to describe the same things, or do they actually think and see the world differently because of the language they use? Explain your answer.

1. Journal/collect Poisonwood Bible edits & notes
2. Socratic Seminar: development of the English language

1. Vocabulary + quiz tomorrow (Friday, 9/9)
2. Literature analysis title/book in hand tomorrow (9/9)
3. Submit Elks Lodge scholarship app to College Office tomorrow (9/9)


  1. isn't the resume due also.........

  2. Yes-- attached to your Elks application.

  3. Oh wow! I didn't even think about that but now that you bring it up it totally makes sense. It would be a lot easier to simply lend someone a book. I for one wouldn't be totally comfortable with handing over my entire kindle or nook even to the people that I trusted the most. Plus when and if you hand it over, there go all of your books right there. Now you're not just out one book, but you're out your entire library. That would suck...

  4. And if you are able to lend a book that inspired you, without sacrificing your entire library its a win-win for you and the friend. So true....I love it! Great point Cody.

  5. Cody, I saw your comment on my phone a while ago and made a mental note to comment that the conversation is never over here until everyone's talked out. Socratic seminars tend to put us on the spot, and each of us has had one of those moments: "Dang, what I SHOULD have said was..." Before I could get to my keyboard (hate typing on my phone), however, Hannah and Annais beat me to it! Good points everyone-- thanks for extending the discussion and inviting us all to think beyond the classroom.

  6. where do i find the elks lodge scholarship app?
    - Darin Topham Period 3

  7. Here:

  8. thanks didn't see that on the blog on my phone at the moment.