Saturday, December 3, 2011

Blog Evaluation

Here are the assignments I'll look for when I evaluate your blog:

  • 3 Literature Analyses
  • To Facebook or not to Facebook
  • Who was Shakespeare?
  • Notes on Hamlet
  • In search of
  • Tools that change the way we think
  • Roy Christopher notes
  • Key idea about the course with video upload
  • Hamlet/epics/language essay
  • Hamlet & performative utterance
  • Big question
  • Thinking outside the box (Sartre & Plato)
  • Lit term(s)
As I evaluate the blogs I'm also considering design elements and the number of comments to each of your posts.  Now that you have some experience in creating and reading blogs, I'd also like to know what you think makes an effective blog; feel free to comment to this post with ideas.  If someone's blog stands out in your mind, let him/her and the rest of us know.  (And, if you think someone's blog needs improving, let the author know privately and be ready to suggest ways to make it better.) 


  1. Three things make a successful blog.
    -Clean organization

  2. I agree with Ryan. They need to be neat and also inviting. I wouldn't want to read someone's blog that looks unprofessional, ie. punctuation/grammar errors. Since this is a new thing for all of us though, I know it will be hard to get everything perfect. It is a learning process.

  3. I had a question about the rubric: What exactly was the assignment titled "Key Idea About The Course"? It is the only post I'm missing and I was wondering if anyone had an explanation of the topic.

    Briana Stinn

  4. I know this is very late into the night but I just did some tinkering with my blog layout and if you haven't already, really get into the designing and customization of your blog. The options I discovered tinkering around with mine allowed me to completely change the look of my blog truly customize it so that the reader can look at a professional and unique blog. What I am trying to say is have fun with it and if things get messed up then close out of everything and try again.

  5. \Briana [from the blog 11/7]: Describe one major concept you've learned in this class by writing a paragraph and posting it to your blog with a video that illustrates the point (due by the beginning of class tomorrow/Tuesday, 11/8)