Sunday, December 11, 2011

Brain With 200 Legs: Ready...Set...GO!!!

Game on!  I've created a template/skeleton beginning of the mind map and I'm sending out email invitations to share editing.  If you haven't received an email by 10:30 A.M. P.S.T., check in with your team and/or send me an email.  Good luck everyone!  I look forward to reviewing and discussing this with you tomorrow.

[UPDATE 10:33 A.M.]  I sent out email invitations for every address I have-- please make sure your team is on board and start executing your plan.  Chad and Kristen have already looked at the template, join them and begin your research/editing.

  • I'm missing emails for a few people (Marissa and Mari, e.g.) so please make sure all of your group members are included-- you all have invitation privileges, so feel free to "Share" the map (or just send me an email with their address).  
  • Since the four classes didn't reach a consensus on strategy, we may see some different/overlapping styles and approaches.  This is absolutely fine, we'll analyze similarities and differences later. 
  • You can use this post (in addition to FB/email/etc.) for comments and collaboration.
  • Reminder: each of us has editorial control, so the only element of security here is the ancient human bond-- trust.  Interdependence.  Remember Benjamin Franklin's words: we all hang together, or we all hang separately. 

[UPDATE 10:41 A.M.] I'm already seeing real-time edits.  #thisisAwesome

[UPDATE 11:51 A.M.] Wait.  I think those edits were mine.  Now I'm not seeing anything new.  #thisisNerveracking

[UPDATE 3:34 P.M.] Um, hi.  It's me.  Er, where is everyone? #thisisLonely

[UPDATE 6:33 P.M.] Hey, signs of life!  Right now Isaac, Kelly, Chelsea and Shannon are editing.  Remember you can include graphics/pictures/links to videos or sites.  If anyone has any questions send me an email, I'll be following the action and grading finals all evening. #thisisGettinginteresting #betterntv

[UPDATE 7:38 P.M.] Waiting for Shannon F and Isaac to close mind map for a few mins so I can restore everything Jon deleted (thank goodness there is a history/revert function!).  It's good to see some action on the map, this is all part of the learning process. #fitsnstarts

[UPDATE 8:33 P.M.] Isaac and Jon did a great job of restoring edits; keep in mind that anyone can create a connection to a new question, and some of the words/allusions just require a simple look-up and cut/paste.  If you haven't seen your partners/group members/classmates on the mind map editors list, please alert them. #wotsthepointofFBgroupsifnoonereadsthem

[UPDATE 9:49 P.M.] Checking in on the mind map-- way to go Isaac, Candace and Sam!--  is like watching a scene from an old western: "It's quiet.  Too quiet."  #whobesidesisaacwilldotheheavylifting

[UPDATE 12:38 A.M.] Buffalo Springfield: "There's something happening here.  What it is ain't exactly clear."  Looking forward to tomorrow's (today's) conversations-- hope we can get back in the saddle and complete the map in grand style tonight. #backtothedrawingboard


  1. I don't know if it's just me, but when i tried to look at our mind map it said there was an error initializing it and then it just won't open..... any ideas??

  2. Shannon, I sent you another email invitation. If you don't receive it, or if you continue to have trouble, send me an email and I'll help you.

  3. i sent out a post to my 2nd period AP group on facebook but i don't know if anyone has checked.

  4. Dr. Preston I tried opening the mind map, but it says there's an error and doesn't let me. If you sent a second email invitation I didn't receive it.

    Lupita Perez Per. 3

  5. I just sent another one-- let me know if it works.

  6. It's still not letting me. It says the map can't be initialized.


  7. Hmm... I'm sending another invitation now. Clear your cache before you click on it. If it doesn't work this time we'll figure it out tomorrow at school.

  8. The email you sent me went to my spam for some reason. So that is why I never replied. Sorry!

    Kaley Jorgensen