Friday, December 2, 2011

Online Security

Thanks once again to Ian for the great presentation.

Here is a link to his prezi. Following are more resources-- feel free to comment to this post with questions, examples of security issues, and additional resources that you didn't see or hear about in class.

How to get rid of pop ups
or adware


Firefox ad blocker

password lockers (higher tech)

password checker (Gibson Research Corporation/Shields Up)

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  1. A great way to stop from getting a virus when you accidentally click on anything is to automatically delete your history especially the cookies and then run your virus protection.

    And while free virus protection is useful, it only costs like 9 bucks a month (or less) to pay for one and it works a lot better. Just talk to your parents about it. Your internet provider should be able to download it on your computer.

    But I would only suggest that if you are going to sites that are prone to viruses. Any downloading sites, steaming sites, etc.