Friday, May 4, 2012

May 4

JOURNAL TOPIC: [today's tunes: "Las Botas de Charro" by Vicente Fernandez; "March to Battle Across the Rio Grande" performed by The Chieftains & SJNMA Cadets; "Samba Pa Ti" by Carlos Santana]

As you probably know, Cinco de Mayo's origin, much like St. Crispin's Day's, is a celebration of freedom won by an outmanned group in battle. What an appropriate holiday for a weekend in which you'll attempt to prove your valor and win your freedom from AP essay prompts and multiple choice questions.

Use today's journal space as a place to describe your thinking about the test: your confidence level, your questions, and your plan for the final few days. Describe this in detail and be ready to adapt as you get new information in class today.  In John Wooden's famous Pyramid of Success, the term Competitive Greatness is defined as, "Being at your best when your best is needed; enjoyment of a difficult challenge."  Someday, when others hold their student-hood cheap, you will look back on this entry as the last performative utterance before a great conquest. 

1. Journal
2. Lit terms quiz
3. Hate me today.  Love me when you get your AP exam score & final course grade.

1. Your personal cram-driven Koyaanisquatsi


  1. How do we write the Prose essay without the snippet from the novel or short story? I looked online but could not find the snippet, only the whole novels

  2. I don't know, not too much detailed info was given on the assignment

  3. Rebecca, remember that you're getting practice on recognizing the key elements of the prompt and the process of beginning the essay. All we're looking at now is how you analyze and address the prompt. You can say anything you want to fill in the blanks if it helps you structure an answer-- I won't be grading you on text you haven't read-- or you can choose questions that don't require much detail on a specific work. And, having said all this in class, I am surprised that Anonymous came away without knowing exactly what to do.