Monday, May 28, 2012

trouble posting slideshow 2.0 from iMovie to blog

This question just in; if you have answers or suggestions please comment to this post.  Thanks!

So I have made my slideshow 2.0 on iMovie and it was really easy to make and it's a great program. But.... I cannot get it to upload on my blog. Help? I have tried exporting it but it keeps saying there is an error when I go to upload. 
Per. 2


  1. I usually upload mine first to YouTube & then from there just put it on my blog like a regular YouTube video.

    Marie A.
    Per. 3

  2. That's what I do too. The videos have better quality that way. I use movie maker on my pc, and u can either save it as a project or as a movie, but u can only export it as a movie. It could be something like that?

  3. Okay thanks guys I'll try that.

  4. I was having the same problem.. I dont know why it isn't working..