Monday, May 14, 2012

R.I.P. Kelli

Heard Kelli "passed away" last period. 

Also heard the learning community responded with a dance battle.



  1. Your students made the best of it.... Sort of. One guy did, though.

    here is the video I took on youtube

  3. All in all it was a complete waste of time, and a bit over the top for a group of people that didn't want to be there and weren't even paying attention. Hell, half way through, I was debating with friends which Avenger was the most attractive. I very well understood the thought behind the assembly and what they were trying to accomplish, but the whole show wasn't needed. Honestly, I had no place going. I don't drink, I don't even have a liscence to drive, and I'm not going to prom. Then, they dragged us back to the gym to reflect upon the seriousness of what just happened. Five minutes later there's a dance off going on, and I turned to a friend and said, "Really? This is what I'm missing song writing for? An effing dance battle?" I'll be the first to openly admit that i was extremely irritated, and I don't really mind feeling like a petty, boring stick-in-the-mud right now, because I definitely feel it, but seriously? Not Cool. This whole day just sounds like a bad Steve Harvey joke. "You know we're going to Hell when........" By the way in case anyone forgot, we're being pulled out of class again for an imaginery funeral in case anyone wants to dance on the imaginery graves. -.-'

    That's all I have to say about that

    Marissa Tajalle

  4. K so I think this is really relavent to today's society and it had perfect timing with prom and grad right around the corner. Obviously this is Righetti and it isn't going to be perfect. I agree with the above comment about it being hard to see and so on. I think the overall message needs to be recognized and it is something worth taking a moment to think about. It would have been more effective if we had someone speak that had actually had been in one of those accidents. Sorry but listening to Mr. M is pretty pointless, no offense. I hope people got something out of this. Even if you dont drink I hope you still share it with others because it is something that needs attention.
    Kaley Jorgensen


    I had fun, so why the faffing over a waste of time or not? It's a change of the usual schtick that an "assembly" gets. However, a good chunk of time that was wasted and wishing I could just go to my 4th period class (not a suck up Dr P, I just got tired and figured "Okay! I'm tired.") It was something that I see that was the only "good" assembly at all... in my past four years. Regardless, it's different. Mock accident was okay-good.

    I guess in times like this, it helps to get creative with the ordinary.

    Check the link above! Check it!